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7 Destinations to Travel in Vietnam

Author and Travel Writer: Khoi Nguyen, The Broad Life

In 2016, I quitted my job and joined my friends on a trip travelling from the North to the Central of Vietnam through 7 destinations. That 14 days journey was one of the best trips ever in my life. And here is the schedule of my 7 Destinations on my travels from North to Central Vietnam in 14 days!

Day 1–3 Riding Motorbike on Ha Giang’s Hills

If you ever know or hear that Vietnam is a country with a lot of motorbike, it’s absolutely true. And in any trips traveling around Vietnam, riding motorbike is the most enjoyable thing. Especially when you do that activity on Ha Giang, the land with mountains, hills, and the Northernmost point of the country.

Traveling Ha Giang by riding motorbike, you can see a lot of terraces along side with the land’s unique Buckwheat flower fieds.

Furthermore, there are top places that you can visit in 3 days such as Quan Ba with the sky gate, Dong Van with the stone plateau, H’Mong King’s palace near Meo Vac town, and Lung Cu – the Northernmost point of Vietnam.

Our start point was in Ha Giang city, then we took the ride around the province, through many towns, then came back to Ha Giang city as the finished point.


Day 4–8 Learning the Culture of Ethnic Minority in Sa Pa

Our late schedule moving to Sa Pa from Ha Giang turned out to be an enjoyable trip.

We met a hotel manager who was willing to take us around Sa Pa city for dinner, and for a night walk watching the city.

Days later, the hotel manager introduced us many attractions to visit around Sa Pa such as the Waterfall of Love, Fansipan Legend. He then led us to a village call Tà Phìn, where we stayed, lived, and learnt a lot about the culture of the land’s ethnic minority. We even joined a wedding, which was really hard to meet, at the village.

Anyway, with ethnic minority in our Sa Pa trip, their food was so great, the herbal bath was awesome, and the time staying with them was so experienced.


Day 9–10 Ninh Binh, the capital of culture in Vietnam

We moved to the Capital of Vietnam, Hanoi, to prepare our trip going to the Middle. Nevertheless, it would be a regret if we missed out Ninh Binh, the very culture destination of the country.

As a result, our 10th day is fully dedicated to the land.

If you haven’t ever known about Ninh Binh, you may want to watch Kong: Skull Island before your visit.

The scene is from the beautiful land of rocks, mountains, and the river where you are riden on a boat by the locals to watch around. Ninh Binh is also home of the Trang An Landscape, a World Heritage Site inscribed by UNESCO.


Day 11–12 The modern Da Nang, and the old town of Hoi An

Usually people come to the Middle of Vietnam visiting the 2 cities the most, Danang and Hoi An. If Da Nang is the worthiest living city in the country, Hoi An with its ancient town is the worthiest visiting place in Vietnam.

Actually, we came to Da Nang for a food tour mainly, and it was so great enjoying the cuisine.

We spent more time at Hoi An ancient town, where we discovered one of the oldest village of the country. At every corner, the town is beautiful with its dedicated yellow color and flowers making it somehow a romantic destination. Hoi An cuisine is also one of the top attractions. Furthermore, the town is a World Heritage Site.


Day 13–14 The hidden coastal city, Quy Nhon

I would say it was hidden as Quy Nhon wasn’t exploited a lot for tourist, which was a reason making it a truly gem of the Middle of Vietnam.

The city was more quiet, and slowly comparing to other places.

However, Quy Nhon still had its attractions with many beautiful beaches, and especially the foods were so delicious, and affordable.

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