These are our Frequantly Asked Questions at Food and Travel Guides and our Answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let's straighten the most common question marks out about joining Food and Travel Guides!


Is it 100% free to join Food and Travel Guides?

Yes. Have always been free and will be free forever to join.

We will always promote the work you do on Food and Travel Guides 100% for free too.

With a free WIX-Profile, you can also take part of Food Travel related discussions, connect and make new friends from all over the world, in the Food Travel Forum.

Can I get paid for my work?

Yes. All Food Travel Writers have the opportunity to earn commission from Affiliate Ads in their work. We strongly believe in win-win-win situations, so we track all traffic and will split 50/50 with you on any payouts from our Affiliate Networks generated from your work.

We also aim to start with paid writing projects for our Food Travel Writers on our fourth year online in 2022, which will be an opportunity to monetize.

Do I have to put a lot of work on Food and Travel Guides when joining?

Absolutely not. As a Guest Blogger, you can contribute just once, with one guest blog post. You can also join in one of our Collab Blog Posts, a Round-Up, or likewise.

If you do more guest blog posts, and we get to know each other better and get a good connection, you can become a Food Travel Writer, but it all starts with you being a Guest Blogger at first.

How do you promote my work?

We share all Food and Travel Guides contributions on our Social Media, Food Travel related platforms, and channels.

We hope you will share your work with Food and Travel Guides as well, spreading your unique story and guide.

We're stronger together.

What about Do-Follow Backlinks?

There's a big difference between being a Guest Blogger and a Food Travel Writer when it comes to Do-Follow Backlinks.

Guest Bloggers get two do-follow links in their posts to their site/ blog and Social Media.

As a Food Travel Writer, you get all the do-follow backlinks you want to your site, your Social Media, or Channels of your choice.

You also can do as many Blog Posts as you want as long as our Easy Terms & Conditions are followed.

Ask us any Questions!

We want to make it as clear as possible what we can do for you and make it an easy decision to join our Food Travel Community, write a Guest Blog Post for us, or join within time as a bigger role as one of our Food Travel Writers.

Our Team will answer all questions within 48 hours.


Thanks for helping us making Food and Travel Guides better with your question or feedback.

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