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Finding Myself While doing Solo Travels in the Philippines

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

My solo travel in The Philippines started 2 years ago. It started with me quitting a daytime job that paid well but was too stressful for me to even stay for more than 1 year. During that time, I felt unaccomplished and a complete failure. I felt that my life had no purpose. I was lost. I wanted to find another job but the fear to try again and fall at the same pit of frustration and discontentment with my previous job. I remember browsing the web searching for jobs up until a generic notification from a local airline in the Philippines popped up in my email with the subject: Seat Sale!

I clicked the site and just randomly chose a destination hoping to find cheap flights. I was about to be jobless thus I needed to find the cheapest flight I can find. First destination, nah too expensive. Second attempt, still too pricey. Third attempt, bingo! It was a round trip fare worth 23 USD. Destination Boracay Islands, Philippines.

Guest Blogger: Erik Requina, Erik the Hungry Traveller

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My 1st Solo Travel in The Philippines: My Most Fun Travel

Buying the ticket was spontaneous. There was no hesitation and the drive to head to the island alone was high. I was ready for an adventure!

August 4, 2016 that was the date when I did my Solo Travel in Boracay Philippines . I booked the hotel online. That was the only preparation that I did. No itineraries, no plans, no expectations.

I stayed in the island for 2 days. I arrived around 4 pm the sun was about to set on the island. After settling in my room I went out and walked towards the beach.

There was a crowd at the beach but I did not care about any of them. I just enjoyed the white wet sand and the splashing of salt water on my feet.  Then the most magical event happened. Sunset.

Sunsets and Sunrises in the island are magical. The crowd was not a distraction to the beauty of the setting of the sun in fact it added to the sureality of the image. I did not notice that there was a grin on my face while the sun set and the bright moon consumed the island of Boracay.

At night, Boracay is a party hub. Getting to know people was a tad challenging for me. But for the 2 nights I partied at the island. I met the most wonderful and fun loving people in the island. A blissful experience indeed.

The 2 days felt like a breeze. I wanted to stay but reality beckoned me to return. Heading to the island I had no idea what to do with my life. Returning back to reality, I had a new perspective in life. I need to do solo travel again. But first I need to find a job.

2nd Solo Travel in The Philippines: My Most Adventure Driven Trip 

I needed a job to support my solo travels. However, for my second swing at solo travels I was still jobless. Legazpi City,  located northern part of the Philippines. The home of the famous volcano: Mt Mayon, Solo Travel on Mount Mayon!

As you can see above, this active volcano is a perfect cone shaped volcano. Mayon Volcano erupted multiple times, the most recent was a few months ago. Despite it spewing lava and ash, it still remained perfect.

This travel is by far my most adventure and unforgettable solo destination. There are numerous tourist destinations that you can visit in the area aside from Mayon Volcano.

The food , oh do not get me started on the food! Legazpi delicacies and signature dishes are just sumptuous!

The highlight of my trip was my ATV ride to the foot of Mayon Volcano. Throughout my 4 hour ATV ride Mayon Volcano was visible. The guide told me I was fortunate enough to witness Mayon the whole day as the volcano shied away from the tourists for a few days now.

3rd Solo Travel in The Philippines: My Most Awe Inspiring Travel

3rd times the charm. I was an official solo travel addict! Mind you the gap between my 1st travel and my 3rd is 6 months.

I love the thrill and unexpected adventures when doing solo travel in the Philippines. The experience of meeting new people, immersing in the culture of the place and appreciating the beauty of the natural wonders that the place has to offer; My 3rd solo trip was in Puerto Princesa Palawan The Subterranean rivers of Palawan is the longest natural underground river in the world. Inside the cave is a long river cruise in the dark full of rock formations and bats. 

The Underground river is a UNESCO Wonder of the Modern World.

In fact it even bagged the top spot.

Aside from the Underground river. Puerto Princesa offers other tourist destination. From beaches, to sanctuaries even a crocodile farm. There was never a dull moment all throughout my 3 days and 2 nights stay on the beautiful and eco friendly island of Puerto Princessa Palawan. Must See Tourist Spots in Puerto Princessa!

My 4th Solo Travel in the Philippines: My Go to Destination

For my 4th travel I decided to head out to a place that was familiar to me. Come to think of it this place was my first ever solo travel. I just did not blog about it. Dumaguete city or coined as the City of Gentle people. Aside from it is just close to my hometown, I also love the vibe of this small city.

I can describe this city as the love child of urban and rural civilization. It has the romantic vibe of a somber town yet comes alive at night with light and music.

This is the reason why I keep on coming back to Dumaguete city.

An advantage about traveling to this part of town is you can explore other neighboring towns if you’re up for some nature trekking. 

The smoking mountains of Valencia as well as their Red Rock Waterfalls. If hiking and kayaking is your cup of tea then visit the twin lakes lagoon in Sibulan.

In short, there will never be a dull moment when you visit Dumaguete City, Philippines. Weekend Solo Travel in Dumaguete!

My Pit Stop Solo Travel in the Philippines: My Recent Travel Blunder

I visited Southern Leyte a month ago. I wanted to create a different experience to write about thus I became totally spontaneous with this travel.

It was like just throwing a dart at a map and heading to the place where the dart hit. I had no itinerary, no hotel reservations. Just me, myself and I.

Because of that this was the solo trip that I spent more, walked more and stressed out more.

Despite the blunders along the way at the end of the day it all went well.

Southern Leyte is by far the most rural place I visited. This is the city that tries to compete with larger cities but we all know that its heart is as rural as it can get.

Do not get me wrong. I love the place. I love the rustic vibe of the city. How everywhere you go there are trees. The beaches are simple and serene.

How you stay in family owned hotels. Not the fancy ones but the ones that has a heart.

Yes I made blunders for this adventure but ill gladly take all of it just to experience Southern Leyte over again. 

It’s been 2 years doing solo travels. Before starting on this great adventure I had no direction with my life. I defined myself with a single role. Truly there is more to life than working a 9 to 5 job and paying the bills.

I hope I inspired you to book that flight to the Philippines and visit any of the 7107 islands the country has to offer……P.S- Got a full time job now (wink, wink)


Guest Blogger Erik Requina from Erik the Hungry Traveller is a devoted travel writer and solo travel enthusiast from Philippines. Follow him on Erik the Hungry Traveller or on Instagram!



Disclosure: Our site contains Affiliate Links. As an Amazon Associate we also earn from qualifying purchases. Clicking an Affiliate Link and purshasing something we recommend, won't cost you anything extra - it probably will save you some bucks. It will though give us a small comission which will help this site remaining a free resource for travellers to explore our world together.



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