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Updated: Feb 9

On the 1st of July 2018 we celebrated our 1 Year Anniversary with Food and Travel Guides, and what a Year it has been! This is what we have done together with our bloggers so far and what we want do year two with you and Food and Travel Guides.

Food and Travel Guides in Review

We started with 12 Food and Travel Bloggers on the 1st of July 2018. You can read about why we started Food and Travel Guides in the first place further down. If you are a Food Blogger and/ or a Travel Blogger you should join us - but lets start with what we've done with the top blogger team, during our first year!

Writing for Food and Travel Guides

Every blogger on Food and Travel Guides must contribute with an article about a Food and/ or Travel topic of their choice when joining. As a member of our community, you can do as many or as few Articles or Blog Posts you like. You only contribute when you want, as much or as little you want.

The Article is a presentation of sorts and what you can expect reading about when visiting the bloggers site and blog, and is also essential when we set up a bloggers profile.

Articles from our Food and Travel Bloggers

  1. Streetfood Gems in Bangkok and Buriram - Thailand by author Sticks & Spoons

  2. Off the Beaten Path in South East Asia by author The Wandering Westerner

  3. Wining, Dining and Zip Lining in the Magaliesberg Mountain Range and La Rosa. Es una fiesta! and "By Appointment only" at the Gentlemen's Arthouse by author More Than Food Mag

  4. Sacred Valley Secrets by author Czick on the Road

  5. Top Temple Guide to Hampi - India by author Ghumakkadbandhi

  6. 7 Cities to visit in England to soak up it's History, Culture and Cuisine! by author Smita Chandra

  7. What's for Breakfast in Taiwan by author Flavour Journey

  8. Spending time in Victoria Falls by author Aussie in Wanderlust

  9. 10 Reasons to Travel by Motorhome! by author Wandering Bird

  10. Seven Cheap Activities in Cartagena, Colombia and Visiting Colombia's Coffee Region by author These Foreign Roads

  11. Discover Cuba - one week itinerary by author World Wide Wendy

  12. 5 Locations you can't miss - in Western Australia by author A Piece of My Pie

  13. Gyeongbokgung and Bukchon Hanok Village - South Korea by author Weps Gallery

  14. Finding Myself while doing Solo Travels in the Philippines by author Erik the Hungry Traveller

  15. Top 7 places to visit during October in India by author Neo Blogs and Vlogs

  16. A Complete Guide to Malta and 5 Reasons to Visit the Old City of Jerusalem by author Make You Wander

  17. Top 3 Travel recommendations for your upcoming Iceland Adventure by author Often Out of Office

  18. Best Burgers in Barcelona by author Eat & Bake & Travel

  19. A Look at Argentine Cuisine and Customs by author Ditch The Map

  20. 5 Awesome things to do on Mallorca by author A World of Destinations

  21. 6 Reasons to Put London on your Bucket List by author Queen Wanderlust Travels

  22. 48 Obese Hours in New York City by author Eat Your Calories

  23. The Best Tacos in Santa Barbara by author Escape the Bay

  24. What to Eat in Taiwan by author Where Food Takes Us

  25. Kansas City: more to do than just eat great barbecue! by author Tasteful Detours

Unlimited Blog Posts on Food and Travel Guides

When being a part of our Community at Food and Travel Guides you get the status as Writer which basically means you can create unlimited blog posts about our favourite topics Food and Travel! A perfect opportunity to reach a wider audience finding your blog if you are a blogger with us - and even more value for you as a visitor to Food and Travel Guides, with a great mix of Food Guides and Travel Guides to read!

  • Blog Posts by our Food and Travel Bloggers

  1. Top 6 Destinations to Travel for Fun and Fine Dining in 2018 (Sticks & Spoons)

  2. Instagram hashtags for the best exposure (Czick on the Road)

  3. Eating the Best Dim Sum in Austin, Texas (Ditch the Map)

  4. Put Gothenburg on Your Food Destination Bucketlist! (Sticks & Spoons)

The Team behind Food and Travel Guides also do blog post in the Food and Travel Blog. We have an ongoing series of Top Destination Guides with posts like Yellowstone National Park and Angkor Wat; shortly places many of you have in the Top of your Travel Bucketlist.

But we also do posts about the Blogger Life with - hopefully - helpful tips for the Food and Travel Blogger, like our "Guide to Succesful Food and Travel Writing" with ultimate tips on creating fantastic content, SEO Tips and much more.

Food and Travel Community and Forum

In our Food and Travel Forum we have cathegories that's open to all and we would love start talking Food and Travel with you!

If you want access to the whole Forum - most value if you're a Food and Travel Blogger yourself - you can become a Member on Food and Travel Guides after creating a free WIX-profile with us.

We encourage collaborations and exchanging ideas between our members and bloggers, doing guest blog posts, starting projects and interacting actively with each other.

Why doing this together? Why did we start Food and Travel Guides from the beginning? Lets find out!

Lets Create, Connect and Explore Together!

The Team at Food and Travel Guides run own blogs. And the Idea with Food and Travel Guides started with three words and a perfect (brain) storm.

We realized one thing early as newbie bloggers; doing things on our own and reaching our goal with blogging about Food and Travel; in this world overwhelmed with fantastic food and travel blogs, was going to be real hard. And that troubled us. How were we supposed to be seen?

All our questions, doubts, fears, hours of analyzing, failures, setbacks but also small successes, all came down to what now have become our mantra for Food and Travel Guides: Create, Connect, Explore!

  • CREATE great and unique content!

We want to create a perfect mix with Guides to Worldwide Destinations and especially what to see, what to do, where to eat when travelling the world. We want to create inspiring guides and itineraries with travel tips, travel hacks, food spots, reviews and travel inspiration with you and most defenitely for you!

  • CONNECT with likeminded!

The main reasons with blogging is to gain readers. On that we all can agree. One thing that we thought about and were amazed with though, was the desperate, unsound competition bloggers and influencers seemed to be spending a lot of energy on, competing with each other - just to be seen and hoping a reader will see noone else.

We couldn't understand this mindset at all. There's a major error with the idea thinking that you must do everything yourself and a big failure made if you think you don't need working together with likeminded.

We come from a business where a team with different backgrounds and experiences means strength, where collegues within the same niche enrich instead of being competitors, and where working together slowly will make everyone successful.

And that became the main reason for us when we reached out and connected with our fellow bloggers!

  • EXPLORE the World Together!

We belive that we are meant to explore our world together; sharing our Travel Stories and Food Travels with the World. Together we can create an amazing, beautiful, interesting, inspiring Food and Travel content that will attract an audience that love Food and Travel, just like you.

Which means, there's a win-win-win situation when joining forces. You as a visitor can read quality Destination Guides here at Food and Travel Guides, You as a Blogger reach a new audience - and the last win is that all the Blogger together will make a "buzz even a Spider can't ignore" (yes, we refer to the almighty Google Algorithm)!

Basically this means; the link juice you will get from doing collabs, projects, round-ups and guest blog posts together with us and other Food and Travel Bloggers writing about the same things like yourself will defenitely increase your chances to get higher ranking positions on search engines and be seen.

Google's Business Idea is to show quality content!

We can't think of a better way of creating quality content then doing it together. It's not Rocket Science and whether you want to read - or write - great Food and Travel Guides, we hope you have figured out by now that the magic word here is together!

"Our Mission is to make Your Dreams and Site Visible!"

We run this site with that motto and that's also why it's free to register your food and travel blog with Food and Travel Guides!

We just reached our goal with 25 bloggers within the first year online. That is truly amazing! Our second year with Food and Travel Guides will be a real challenge! Now we aim to have 50 Food and Travel Bloggers connected within year two!

UPDATE: We have an average publishing pace with 2,3 new bloggers/ month!

Together we will bring YOU quality Guides and more Food and Travel Inspiration to come, so stay updated with us joining our newsletter and be sure to check back again!

Safe Travels - Stay Awesome!

Team at Food and Travel Guides

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