#staycation: Responsible and Safe Travels during a Pandemic

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

The Covid-19 virus strucked, chocked and changed our world. Many lives have been lost to this terrible Corona virus and have effected us all in so many ways. We've followed our Public Health Authorities recommendations, respected social distance, washed our hands - or spent all these days in quarantine during lockdowns.

And unavoidable, of course we also postponed all travels abroad. Where to Travel during Covid-19?

However, now as the travel restrictions have lighten nationwise we have been able to make shorter trips with respect, responsibility and the safety of ourselves and fellow humans in our minds, often discovering the destinations and locations nearest to our homes.

This Pandemic actually may have changed our view of our own surroundings. The small things we discover in our own backyard, city or nearby locations maybe isn't that interesting for us at first glance but sure might be unique destinations for others.