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Sharing Checklist

Your work on Food and Travel Guides will be promoted by our Team for free on all our Social Media and connected Food Travel Platforms. Now we need you to help us boost your work with us.

What we have learned from the old site is that a combined strategy and sharing together when publishing new content is the most effective way to drive traffic to your site, many posts showed that very clearly on the old site.

With the new site it was harder. We had to transferred all posts manually and didn't have the time to update every single transfer with our sharing strategy. The stats from old site posts/ pages was lost in the transfer too.

But we did see what happened when we followed the set strategy in some of our recent posts like the one from our latest Food Travel Writers Suk & Sangy: (212 unique readers) or with our #staycation Collab Post: (296 unique readers) - all generated in a very short period of time after publishing.

But why do they stand out?

The key words here is ”new content” with ”multiple shares” on ”a wide array of channels”.

Unfourtanly, that's not the case with the transferred posts at all - but it's something we can change together!

The core of our Sharing Strategy speaks for itself; ”The Web Buzz with Quality Content we can build Together can't be ignored - even by a Spider!” (Founders Quote)

The Power of Together!

What we’ve seen is when we share simultaniously together – naturally the effect is way stronger.

We have said this before but it can be said once again;

”The word together is something you should have in mind when building your Digital Blog Strategy appearence online. as this without doubt must be an essential part of Google’s Algorithm” (Founders Quote again).

Shortly: when joining forces we’re stronger, we reach more people and can drive more traffic to your site.

Passus: Most of the Team at Food and Travel Guides are from the Restaurant Business. Looking at the daily Social Media Hustle, follows to unfollow and how Blogger vs Blogger compatative attitudes rise against each other have made it easy for us to see what’s deeply wrong with it all.

An example from our Restaurant Business: There’s two types of Restaurateurs; a) The one who thinks alone is stronger and that the restaurant is the only one with real food; italian food and to slander the other restaurants cooking and cuisines along the street is necessary to get new guests – or b) The one who see that Italian isn’t the only thing people want to eat, so recommending them to visit collegues on the same street with other types of food will make people go out and eat more often, it will give the own restaurant credibility and a public relation (yes, that’s what PR means…) and new guests that will know where to go when they crave italian food!

So how does this add up with a Bloggers Life? For us it’s quiet obvious.

If we don’t put down the wall of egoism, the competition and being so uptight with the whole thing we’ll never get any positive out of it. But if we can become more open to collaborate, support each other, share others work and become partners or collegues before competitors – everyone will win in the end.


Lets bring some new life to your work with us - together!

Doing things together prove to be the most effective way to promote your work, time after time. When joining forces sharing the work you’ve done together, this indeed will have an impact on how much traffic we all get.

We made this checklist to get as wide and effective spread as possible. If we both follow this checklist – it will generate more views and more traffic to your site in the end.

After we published your work on our transferred site, we can clearly see we need some link juice to accomplish what we wanted with your work: more traffic to your site and making it visible.

This request we have is of course voluntary. But if you share your post using the checklist below; we’ll follow doing the same and within the span of a shorter time - with your collegues here joining in (hopefully)!

Because we would love to see everyone do the same even if it's not your post! A simultaneously effort to bring life to everyone's posts will make you all winners in the end.

This is the way to share posts real easy:


1. Code Snippet is a summary of the post in the end with grey background. Copy that one.

2. On the bottom you’ll find Social Media Icons. Click each of them and use the Code Snippet Copy to Paste in your Description – add own words too. As the Social Media clicked opens in a new window it’s easy to go back to the post using top tabs when you have pasted in the Description to copy and paste in the…

3. …Hashtags from the post. This make it searchable on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. The last of the Social Media Icons is a ”copy url” which can be used to share on Pinterest, Tumblr or any other Social Media or Food Travel related Platform. You can use the Code Snippet and Hashtags when sharing on other channels as well. Add additional own hashtags if you want; your blog name, your catch phrase or specific words you think is related to your work etc.

4. You should ”Like” your own posts (and all other’s too of course).

5. Don’t forget to leave a comment. And do comment on others work as well when you’re already commenting!

Number 5 is important! When you comment on your own post this will be like the secret signal for us to go all in with our Sharing Strategy to get the widest and most effective spread possible!

Note: The average unique readers of the transferred posts is under 10 so for us personally it’s a real disappointment that we couldn’t just transfer the site as it was because that would have made those figures stand out a lot more.

For instance The Wandering Westerner’s ”Off the Beaten Path in South East Asia” had alone almost 3K views and Wandering Bird’s post about ”10 Reasons to Travel by Motorhome” had over 2K views etc etc etc when looking at old statistics from the old site! And we are willing to put down the work to get there again.

Well, done is done. We think though that we can attract more readers with the new design and layout on Food and Travel Guides 2.0 comparing with 1.0 but what we need today is a little help to kick start yours and all others transferred posts – and like doing it right now! :)

We hope everyone could spare some time to help each other? We will for sure and hope you all will follow.

Again; 100% voluntary but if you're up to this leave a comment in the post you shared and hopefully all of us that want to be successful will follow up doing the same!

Keep on sharing your work with us!

  1. Share it with family and friends. Ask them kindly to read, like, comment and share your work as well. Your closest fans are your most valuable asset when sharing your work.

  2. Share on Apps and other Food Travel Related Platforms! This might not bring link juice like backlinks but is effective if you have a Network of friends you are active with.

  3. Share it on your personal wall on Facebook. This way you have ”saved it” to be shared directly or later on Facebook’s Groups and Pages you are member in.

  4. Update the link on Instagram to point at your post. Make new Stories and use the photos from your work to do some new Posts with captions making the reader curious and your followers will click that link.

  5. Re-tweeting your shared post on Twitter is highly recommended after some time. Why? Did you know that the lifetime of a shared tweet is approx 17 min? What this fact should be telling you is to share your content on Twitter and do it multiple times.

  6. Share your photos from the post on Pinterest. We’ve even seen one of you on our site that have made a ”Food and Travel Guides” Folder on their own Pinterest sharing EVERYONES work there! How lovely is that? <3 and wouldn’t it be great if everyone did? ;) 

  7. Find simular posts from other bloggers and share your work with them! You didn’t think you was alone writing about ”Craft Beer in Dubrovnik” or ”Travelling in a Motorhome” (just examples but we found a lot about that when doing a Google search…)? These other Bloggers would be happy to swap links, give a shoutout or other with you if you approach them with a friendly mail.

  8. Share with your LinkedIn Network! Here’s a thing with LinkedIn you might didn’t know about: your preseance there and actions will increase your and your sites authority, as LinkedIn’s being a serious and trusted Network by Google. And you would be surprised how many bloggers, foodies, travellers, writers and likely that are willing to connect with you so head there and sign up right away!

Do you have more tips on how or where to share your work? Let us know! We also would love to read your feedback on this, so please throw us a mail anytime.

Stay Awesome!

Team at Food and Travel Guides

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