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Sticks & Spoons Food Travel

This is Sticks and Spoons; Travel Couple, Parents to Little E and totally Foodies from Gothenburg, Sweden


Jane & Fredrik Goldhahn
aka Sticks & Spoons

Sticks, Jay Fai and Spoons in Bangkok, Thailand

Sticks & Spoons with the 80/20 Team in Bangkok, Thailand

Jane & Fredrik aka Sticks & Spoons are two Bon Vivants, Foodies, and a married traveling couple from Sweden. Jane is a Waitress and Fredrik a Chef so expect a lot of food from these bloggers while they travel; from street food to fine dining and everything in between! They met at work and discovered a mutual interest in each other and food. During a dinner at home they started to brainstorm about combining Asian Cuisine with more west-oriented methods and cooking techniques and all of a sudden "Sticks & Spoons" were born!

And just recently, little baby Ellinor was born and has joined the Team.


Their Food Travel Blog is all about eating and traveling together; to gather stories and achieve the goal of an own restaurant someday. Do we think you can figure out the name?

Sticks & Spoons on Food and Travel Guides

One of the best omelettes we have tried on our Food Travels was found in Buriram at the Night Market

Streetfood Gems in Bangkok and Buriram

Follow Sticks and Spoons on a Food Travel Tour to Thailand exploring some  spicy, tasty Street Food locations like Bangkok, Buriram and Koh Mak. If you love asian street food this food guide is for you! Find great Foodie spots and Food experiences including everything from Chinatown with its backstreets and alleys to a memorable dining at Jay Fai; the Queen of Bangkok Street Food rewarded with One Michelin Star!

Street Art Tour Artscape Saga and GIBCA

These devoted Street Art Hunters write a lot about the Art of the Streets in their Food Travel Blog but also here on Food and Travel Guides. For fans of graffitti, urban art and huge murals this article will satisfy your daily dose of Street Art for sure. If you want to read more about Street Art this article also is a part of Sticks and Spoons "Artscape Saga Tour"; a series of posts with fantastic Street Art from municipalities of Gothenburg in Sweden.

Mural Art "Mother Earth" by Mona Caron in Sweden
One of the Leading Hotels in the World!

Top Travel Tips to Tuscany Italy

Europe and Italy are destinations on many travellers bucket list. Spoons went to Tuscany for some combined work and recreation and came up with these Top Travel Tips to Tuscany. Find out what the "must-do's" are when visiting Tuscany - or Toscana as the italian say. A Guide filled with beautiful Travel photography and helpful Travel Tips from maybe one of Italy's most visited areas.

Do you Travel for Food? Looking for new Food Destinations? Sticks and Spoons were surprised to find their hometown of Gothenburg on National Geographics Top Picks on the Worlds Best Food Destinations. The closeness to the ocean with one of the World's Best waters for fish and shellfish make this a Food Destination worth visiting for sure if you are a Foodie!

Enjoying an American Breakfast in Gothenburg, Sweden.
Travel to Italy and experience Rome views like this.

Top 6 Destinations to Travel for Fun and Fine Dining

Sticks and Spoons live to travel new destinations and explore food. Early on they wrote this blog post for Food Travellers alike, ranking the World's Top 6 Destinations to Travel for Food with the interesting twist between fun dining and fine dining - and even if the list was inspired from the World's 50 Best Restaurants for 2018, it still feels relevant and up to date for great Food Travels.

The Ultimate New Zealand Travel Planner

The New Zealand Travel Guide with the Best Tourist Attractions will show you that the two Islands are more than enough to explore on your New Zealand vacation.  Add amazing nature experiences that will leave you breathless and the next thing you will add-in will be New Zealand to your ever-growing Travel Bucket List.

Sticks & Spoons Food Travel Profile Page. Follow Sticks & Spoons as they Explore Food Destinations!

"Some places may look a little sketchy or even shabby. We have seen our fair share of those places. But they can also be a hidden gem in their roughness so be open minded and you'll often get rewarded!"

Sticks & Spoons Food Travel

Top Blog Posts on Sticks & Spoons Food Travel

These are our Teams Top Picks and our favourite Blog Posts on Sticks & Spoons Official Site!

Cypress Avenue leading to the Village of
”Love Thy Neighbor” pop art wall by Stre


This Food Travel Guide to Ornellaia Winery and Vineyard in Bolgheri, Tuscuny, Italy got our attention. Really comprehensive information about Super Tuscan Wines.


We have understood that Sticks & Spoons love Street Art - there's a lot of Street Art in their blog - and combined with one of our favourite destinations...just read!


Paris in three days might not seem much to explore this beautiful european capital of love; but we think Sticks & Spoons did a great job capturing the vibe of Paris!

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