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Yellowstone National Park - the Dream Destination for a Nature Experience of a Lifetime

Destination Guide from Food and Travel Guides

One of the Worlds most wanted Travel Destinations for a Nature Experience must be Yellowstone National Park in USA.


5 Awesome things to do on Mallorca

Guest Blogger: A World Of Destinations

Mallorca in the Mediterrenean Sea is a gem of Islands - dispite the rumour of being a Party Island. Find out what to do with Guest Blogger A World of Destinations.

Off the Beaten Path in South East Asia

Guest Blogger: The Wandering Westerner

To travel South East Asia is a dream journey for many. The Wandering Westerner took the first step and have travelled a lot of Asian Destinations as you can see in this guide.

hpa-an from above.jpg

A Complete Guide to Malta

Guest Blogger: Make You Wander

The small island of Malta in the Mediterrenean Sea have a lot to offer the European Traveller. Come enjoy an island in the sun with Make You Wander!

Top Temple Guide to Hampi - India

Guest Blogger: Ghumakkadbandi

Experience the Temple Area in Hampi, India with our Guest Blogger Ghumakkadbandi and find out how to get there and what to see.


5 Locations you can’t miss in Western Australia

Author and Food Travel Writer: A Piece of My Pie

Ever wondered why you can't read a lot of guides about Western Australia? A Piece of My Pie have a Itinerary and Guide for you right here.

Atacama Desert in Chile

Guest Blogger: Travel Love Blog

A desert may not be that inviting to travel but Travel Love Blog's post about Atacama Desert in Chile may change your mind.


Wining, Dining & Zip Lining in the Magaliesberg Mountain Range

Guest Blogger: Darren Meltz

Adventure and Wine is a great combination! Well, not at the same time but it sure seems like More Than Food Mag had a fun time in Magaliesberg Mountain Range!

10 Reasons to Travel by Motorhome

Guest Blogger: Wandering Bird

Everdreamt about leaving the 9 to 5 and travel and live in a Motorhome? Wandering Bird have 10 reason why this crazy idea can be your best one yet!


Kuranda: The Essential Addition to any Cairns Itinerary

Guest Blogger: Find Tash

Cairns is a popular destination in Australia...but should you include Kuranda? The answer is yes if you ask Guest Blogger Find Tash and this is the reasons why!

Finding Myself While doing Solo Travels in the Philippines

Guest Blogger: Erik the Hungry Traveller

A Journey begin with One Step. And taking it by yourself going on a Solo Travel is couragious. Sometimes you'll find new friends on the way - sometimes you'll find yourself.


Top Travel Tips to Tuscany in Italy

Author and Food Travel Writer: Sticks & Spoons

Travel Tips from Sticks & Spoons to wonderful Tuscany in Italy. Discover Tuscany's best sides in this "What-to-do-Guide" to one of the most wanted destinations in Italy.

Destination Dubrovnik - A Hipster's Guide to Croatia

Guest Blogger: Nattie on the Road

Dubrovnik as a Destination is interesting. And this guide from Hipster Guest Blogger Nattie on the Road made Dubrovnik and Croatia even more interesting to travel with this post!


Tips to Travel the World on a Budget

Guest Blogger: Via Travelers

The question on every Travelers mind: How can I travel more for less money? You'll get some helpful tips from Guest Blogger Via Travelers on how to Travel cheaper here!

5 Reasons to Visit the Old City of Jerusalem

Guest Blogger: Make You Wander

Follow Guest Blogger Make You Wander to the historical and wonderous walled city of Jerusalem.

The Western Wall.jpg

Kansas City: more to do than just eat great barbecue

Guest Blogger: Tasteful Detours

There's much. much more to discover in Kansas City than great BBQ! Just read this guide and our Guest Blogger Tasteful Detours Travel tips and you'll find out.

Cheese and Demons in the Scottish Highlands

Guest Blogger: Hillwalking Society

Guest Blogger Hillwalking Society is all about Hillwalking. But what exactly is Hillwalking? Fresh air and a healthy way to discover a destination for sure and some fun moments!


Discover Cuba - one week itinerary

Guest Blogger: World Wide Wendy

Is Cuba on your Bucket List? This is a helpful Cuba Itinerary from our Guest Blogger World Wide Wendy.

6 Reasons to Put London on your Bucket List

Guest Blogger: Queen Wanderlust Travels

London is a melting pot of diversity and the Capitol of England have something for everyone to discover and be amazed about. Here are 6 reasons why you should put London on your Bucketlist.


Spending time in Victoria Falls

Guest Blogger: Aussie in Wanderlust

The mighty Victoria Falls in Zambia in Southern Africa is a well-visited spot for Nature lovers. Guest Blogger Aussie in Wanderlust tells a story from his journey to the Waterfall.

Top 7 places to visit during October in India

Guess Blogger: Neo Blogs and Vlogs

Visiting India in October is the best time if you ask our Guest Blogger Neo Blogs and Vlogs, and with the experience of travels in India we think that's a great travel tip!

Manas National Park.png

Is Mexico Safe to Hike and Backpack?

Guest Blogger: MEXLocal

Our Guest Blogger MEXLocal give you the answers if Mexico is safe to Travel, to Hike or Backpack. Helpful tips from a Traveller that have been living and travelled in Mexico for several years.

Sacred Valley Secrets

Guest Blogger: Czick on the Road

Follow our Guest Blogger and Mountain Girl Czick on the Road to Sacred Valley in Peru and discover some of the secrets of the Inca Trails in this Sacred Valley Guide.


Traveling Tasmania in a Van -something to do?

Guest Blogger: Travel Tips by Lea

Visiting Tasmania and travel the island in a Van may have its challenges but also some advantages if you ask our Guest Blogger Travel Tips by Lea. Get Travel Inspiration here.

Seven Cheap Activities in Cartagena, Colombia

Guest Blogger: These Foreign Roads

Do you need a big travel budget if visiting Cartagena in Colombia? The answer is no! Here's seven cheap activities in the city of Cartagena from These Foreign Roads.

These Foreign Roads - Cartagena - Market

Top 5 Squares in Naples

Guest Blogger: 40 and it Shows

Any City Square will attract tourists. Here's the Top 5 in the beautiful city of Naples, Italy from Guest Blogger 40 and it Shows!

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