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Affiliate Partnership

Join our Affiliate Program and start earning money today

Become an exclusive Travel Store Affiliate Partner with Food and Travel Guides.

Share your affiliate link and product links, or use our visuals found in the dashboard on your site, blog, newsletters, or any of your Social Media Channels to earn a 10% commission each time someone buys unique products designed by our Team in the Travel Store.

Download the App

Find out the advantages of the Mobile App

  • Get more engaged on the go with the Mobile App!

  • One-Click sharing integration with Facebook, Instagram, etc allows you for a hassle-free sharing of links.

  • You can manage links, earnings, and payouts easily.

  • QR-Code based offline sales, meaning you can quickly share the links with prospective customers offline using the QR Code feature!

You can sign up online or in the App.


  1. Download the App. 

  2. Log in if you already have an affiliate account or create a new account directly in the App.

  3. When prompted enter the following Store-ID: 154628 or scan the QR-Code below to connect your account to our Affiliate Program.

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Welcome onboard!

If you have problems signing up, installing the App, or have any questions, contact our Team!

Check out the Travel Store at Food and Travel Guides, with free shipping worldwide.

check out the travel store

You'll find unique Travel Products and Travel Accessories in our Travel Store,  with free shipping worldwide.


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Safe Travels, Stay Awesome!

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