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If you want to be featured online at Food and Travel Guides we need you to sign up and send us a written article or guest blog post that follows our Easy Terms & Conditions and Posting Guidelines.​

Posting Guidelines

  • Post must be written in English with a Food and/ or Travel Topic of your choice.

  • The post must be Unique. All content needs to be original and unique. No plagiarism, copied ideas, copy-pasting will not be accepted.

  • A minimum of 3 photos must be included in your work.

  • Your work must be at least 600 words long to be published. If it’s 1000 words or more – Awesome!

Your Privacy and Legal Terms

We use cookies on the site that follow the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which has been increased since 25.05.2018. Together with our site provider WIX, we ensure that your data is safe with us. 

We will use your e-mail for updates and important announcements about Food and Travel Guides. Your privacy is important to us so don't worry; we will never spam you because we hate that as much as you do.

It’s your responsibility to ensure that all information and text you add on Food and Travel Guides follow our Easy Terms & Conditions and don’t break any laws or third-party copyrights.

  • ​The information you submit in your registration will be public in your Profile online. It’s your responsibility to provide correct information and secure that your content doesn’t break any laws.​​

  • Don’t harass, insult, offend or act condescending to anyone at any time!

  • Posting racist, nude/ pornographic, illegally or violent content, pictures, or links of any kind that are breaking laws will not be accepted and will lead to immediate expulsion from Food and Travel Guides.

  • Any rights of third parties must not be violated by any member.

  • We reserve the right to delete content that contradicts our guidelines.​

Affiliate, Advertisement, and Monetizing

Please note that in order to get Food and Travel Guides running and free to join, we do add Affiliate links and Banners on our site.

This way we; hopefully, can build a great website infrastructure, pay our annual plans, and keeping it a strong, free resource for Food Travellers and Bloggers alike.

As a Guest Blogger, you agree that we add Affiliate Links and Banners in your post to accomplish the above. In return, we give you do-follow backlinks, and wide promotion to make sure we drive traffic and a new audience to your site for free.

If becoming a Food Travel Writer is a repetitive contributor to our site's success; you can get paid and monetize on your work with us.

We track all Affiliate Ads on the site and will split any commissions generated from Ads within your work 50/50 with you. All we need is an email to your Pay Pal account. 

As a Food Travel Writer you'll also get an Online Profile with even more backlinks, more and repetitive promotion on all our Social Media and connected Food Travel Platforms, shoutouts, and more active marketing of your site - still 100% free.

You can also use our Blog Tool and do Unlimited Blog Posts as a Food Travel Writer as long as our Guidelines and Easy Terms & Conditions are followed. We will still do editing if necessary and add Affiliate Links, but with the difference that you can monetize on them.

We also intend to develop co-work projects exclusively for Food Travel Writers in the future, opportunities to be a part of voluntary Food Travel related Brand Ambassadorships and much more, starting on our fourth year online in July 2022.

Our goal is a living community in which our Food Travel Writers have an essential role and where everyone benefits from working together. Therefore, Food Travel Writers can get rewarded but must be active with a minimum of four online contributions/ per year or more.

Activity can be a Blog Post, joining a Round-Up or Collab Post, sending us a new Article, or participate in one of our announced Writing Projects.

What we bring to the table for both Guest Bloggers and Food Travel Writers

  • Fully SEO-optimized site, even advanced SEO like Structured Data.

  • Content that will attract both Food and Travel interested readers.

  • Free promotion of your work on all our social media channels and platforms.

  • Do-follow links to your site, blog post backlinks, or Social Media Platforms of your choice!

  • Site Driven voluntary Writing Projects and Collaborations.

  • Free Forum where you can network together and exchange Food Travel Inspiration.

  • A wonderful opportunity for you to meet new friends for life from all over the World!

If you still have any questions about joining Food and Travel Guides as a Guest Blogger or Food Travel Writer, please read our FAQ and don't hesitate to send us a mail. We will answer within 48 hours.​

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