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Our Food Travel Guest Bloggers

Our Guest Bloggers are an amazing source of information, all here to bring you the best and most interesting content about the things they love most in life; Food and Travel! They have come together from all over the world to create Food Travel Guides for you!

Sticks & Spoons Food Travel

Jane and Fredrik Goldhahn, Sweden

Jane & Fredrik Goldhahn aka Sticks & Spoons are two Bon Vivants, Foodies, and a married traveling couple from Sweden. Jane is a Waitress and Fredrik a Chef so expect a lot of food from these bloggers while they travel; from street food to fine dining and everything in between! They met at work and discovered a mutual interest in each other and food. During a dinner at home, they started to brainstorm about combining Asian Cuisine with more west-oriented methods and cooking techniques and all of a sudden "Sticks & Spoons Food Travel" were born! Their Food Travel Blog is all about eating and traveling together; to gather stories and achieve the goal of an own restaurant someday. Do we think you can figure out the name?


Pearce Gunne-Jones, UK

Xcapia is a Travel Website created by Pearce Gunne-Jones and designed to give you an insight into Global Destinations - both familiar and new ones! Pearce is a London-based Globetrotter and Travel Writer but grew up in the Caribbean where he experienced hurricanes, earthquakes, and even volcanic eruptions! Talk about an exciting childhood! He has traveled extensively ever since, and founded Xcapia to show how well-traveled destinations still can be experienced with new eyes as they are ever-changing!

Urge to XPLORE

Suk & Sangy, Canada

Traveling the world together for the better part of the last 15 years, they have been to over 20 countries across 5 continents. The desire to see new places, meet people, experience new cultures, and savor different cuisines fuels their urge to explore. From trip planning to build itineraries, their passion for travel led them to launch their own travel blog; Urge to XPLORE, to share Ideas, Insights & Inspirations.

Nat Gone Global

Nathalie Segelborg, Sweden

Nat Gone Global (earlier A Piece Of My Pie) is a Travel Hack and Travel Tips kind of blog for her fellow travelers and has been with us for a long time. Besides being a digital nomad with a lot of Travel Inspiration to share, Nathalie also writes a lot about mental health issues as a traveler, in hope that she can educate and encourage people who suffer from them to still travel.

More Than Food Mag

Darren Meltz, South Africa

Darren Meltz am a self-confessed creative jack of all trades - The world is a delicious pie of creativity so why have just one slice? Besides running More Than Food Mag Darren is also an actor, educator, clown (yes believe it or not) but above all else, a writer. His biggest passion is creating amazing things with the words that race around in his head. Ambitious as he is he often think “Why the heck not?!” This led him to More Than Food Magazine which is a collaboration of all the things he love to experience and to write about.

Czick on the Road

Tereza Letalova, Czechia

Tereza Letalova started "Czick On The Road" to let her friends and family be part of her travels. Today it's something completely different! Besides being a World traveler and adventurer, a mounain girl, curios about vegan diet and keen on getting new tattoos she's also a port and fitness enthusiast. In 2017 she and her friend Primož decided to quit  their jobs, get rid of all their stuff to become digital nomads who with two backpacks; roaming the world towards the unknown.


Anjali Indurkhya, India

Anjali Indurkhya is an Indian blogger and love to travel! She want to encourage traveling in her blog Ghumakkadbandi as it taught us the art of living in her opinion (great quote right there!) and especially safe female travelling solo in India with tips and hints on her site and blog. She started sharing her experiences of visiting various new places, knowing others culture, new people and trying out on every new Cusine she get introduced to!

Smita Chandra

Smita Chandra, Canada

Smita Chandra started her self named blog several years ago wanting to share the foodie travel experiences with her family, friends and a larger audience of similar minded people. During the years she have become author of three Indian Cookbooks, made an App; the Easy Tandoori Cooking App, worked as a teacher and consultant, brand ambassador, food and travel writer, TV-personality and South Asian Cooking Expert - and much more! You can read her full Bio here. Needless to say - when not travelling with her husband or friends Chandra is a woman with a lot going on!

Often Out Of Office

Barbora & Karolis, Lithuania/ Hong Kong

Often Out of Office is run by the travel couple Barbora and Karolis from Lithuania, currently living in Hong Kong. With their blog, they show that you can combine a career and travel. They also will give you helpful travel tips on how to travel cheaper and experience more.

Aussie in Wanderlust

Brodie Daverell, Australia

Brodie Daverell recently started his own travel blog website after more than 6 years traveling and working in different locations. While working and living in different places Brodie also have taken every chance he got to travel and explore new countries and cultures. This have resulted in over 30 countries visited throughout Asia, Africa and Europe over the years. After getting asked by lots of friends (and friends of friends) about certain places he had visited for suggestions and travel tips he decided it was time to share these on a wider level and also hope to gain a profit by doing so; becoming a full-time traveler.

Wandering Bird

Kat Bird, USA

Kat Bird had this awesome idea one day. She decided to become debt-free, downsize her life buying a Motorhome, quit her (well-paying & secure) job & travel the world with her husband - "What could possibly go wrong?!?!" It's a bold decision but happily for us they did! They mostly travel by RV, which consists of getting lost, stuck or eating too many snacks. The Bird Family like snacks. And even though they love RV's and Motorhomes they occasionally fly somewhere exotic or cold, just to mix things up a bit. Currently, they’re in Europe, falling in love with the places they find, as well as the fact that it’s perfectly acceptable to eat delicious crusty bread with ham & cheese for breakfast. And lunch. And possibly a lazy dinner…

These Foreign Roads

Kylee and Mark Hayes, USA

Somewhere back in 2007 Kylee Hayes and her husband Mark got hit hard by the travel bug and went for a year of travel! Over time, splitting up their journeys they even tried with feeble attempts at following the societies expectations and bought a house, changed careers and generally did their best to follow the status quo. But they never fully settled down and decided they wanted to travel full time, sold the house, the belongings and hit the road and haven't stopped since! Kylee and Mark are both fully trained chefs and plan to explore and eat everything the world has to offer and share that with the world. Isn't that just a wonderful idea?

World Wide Wendy

Wendy Maes, Belgium

Wendy Maes is a traveler addict, foodie and bon vivant. Together with her soulmate and travel companion, two sons and a dog she has traveled around a lot over the years and played a long time with the idea to do something with all the information she gathered. Et voila, WorldWideWendy was born! Through her blog you can follow her and her family on all travels. Since good food is an important part of her trips, you can count on plenty of food tips. Occasionally stories are a trip down memory lane. Wendy is also keen on saving all practical information (hotels and restaurants) so it's carefully checked and therefore still up to date if you want to reconstruct a travel. Wendy is also straightforward and critical (but not too much) expect honest reviews.

Weps Gallery

Tyas Wahyu Pramesti, Indonesia

Say hello to  Tyas Wahyu Pramesti; an Indonesian girl currently living in South Korea! At her Weps Gallery she has been blogging for some time but it was just recently when moving for studies to South Korea that Tyas Wahyu started to blog about travel to let her friends and family take part of her journey. She began writing about her travelling and loved it so the plan is to travel and write more when coming back to Indonesia; being bitten by the Travel Bug! She want the world to know just how beautiful Indonesia is, and help tourists to pick their favorite destinations. She also plan to start cooking more and blog about food. We look forward to both and meanwhile we can enjoy some South Korean Adventures at Food and Travel Guides.

Erik the Hungry Traveller

Erik Requina, Philippines

Erik Requina started blogging to pursue his passion and life long dream to become a well known writer and author. As a kid he loved reading books with Harry Potter as my ultimate favorite read. He have decided to channel positivism with his blogs by sharing to the world that an introverted person can indeed conquer the world of traveling and be able to survive solo trips across the Asia and soon the whole world. "The sky is the limit when it comes to achieving your passion and dreams in life!" is his favorite quote. It's a good quote and we can only agree!

Make You Wander

Jasmine Jenkins, UK

Jasmine Jenkins Travel Blog is called Make You Wander - and that made us wonder what it was all about! It appears clearly that Jasmine with Make You Wander loves to Travel and Write! She thought that the best thing to do with her favourite hobbies was to combine the two and start a Travel Blog and we couldn't agree more that this was a good decision. What Jasmine also is very keen on is telling you about Sustainable and Responsible Travels. There's a growing awareness of how travelling impact our environments around the World and Food and Travel Guides welcomes a promotor and enthusiast like Make You Wander to raise those topics here!

Eat Bake Fit

Jana Abelovska , Slovak Republic

Jana is originally from Bratislava in the Slovak Republic but are now living in London where she loves to bake, eat breakfast (her favourite food) and travel! With Eat Bake Fit you have a billingual Food and Travel Blog with a lot of delicious and healthy recipes and travel tips from Jana's travels. Jana is also a devoted food photographer. She loves to capture mouthwatering healthy desserts and breakfasts that she creates herself or the food she had a chance to try in many different places in London.

Ditch the Map

Scott Biales and Sylvie Golec, USA

Scott Biales and his love Sylvie Golec from USA are devoted Foodies and Travellers that loves to Explore World Cuisines and Food wherever they go. The will to share their Food Adventures during Travels grew and they decided to start the site and Travel Blog Ditch the Map to let the world take part of their Food Discoveries. As a matter of fact, they quit their jobs to Travel Full-time! And with 5 continents and over 50 countries visited they aspire with their Stories!

A World of Destinations

Maria Stadler, Austria

Maria Stadler runs the Travelblog "A World of Destinations" where she wants to share her experiences, inspire others and help them to Travel More! A common reason to start Travel Blogging we understand! But what you can expect from Maria in her blog is, not only travelled destinations that would top many travellers Bucketlist, but also travel tips on how to combine being a student and travel, sustainable travelling, doing solo travels and much more!

Queen Wanderlust Travels

Rachel Coston, UK

Rachel Coston always had a strong Wanderlust and started her Travel Blog Queen Wanderlust Travels to share the new Destinations and Cultures she discovers during her travels! In her Travel Blog she shares Travel Inspiration and Rachels hope is that you as a reader will be encouraged and boost your own Wanderlust! Her catch-word is simply "Somewhere with My Passport"!

Eat Your Calories

Kamilah Khelili, Brazil/ Canada

Partly due to a wanderlust-infused personality, Kamilah Khelili developed an obsession with going around the planet looking for yummy things. Her life is essentially a pursuit to fulfill that list with restaurants, markets etc from around the world, regardless of her current bank account status, she's always emptying it further on gastronomic endeavors. While some people like to go to museums to stare at art, Kamilah like to go to restaurants to have a sensory experience full of mouthgasms and sometimes even tears of excitement and joy.

The Wandering Westerner

Caden Allison, Australia

When traveling off the beaten path in mostly unexplored areas of the world like the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia, and Latin America; it is difficult to find helpful and practical information on where to go, how to get around, and what to do.  Unfourtanly, his blog is down right now. Meanwhile, check out his awesome Instagram feed.

Escape the Bay

Haley Goerish, USA

Haley started her Food and Travel Blog Escape the Bay because she wanted a place to share her food and travel adventures with her friends. That might be the main reason for many to start blogging about Food and Travel but nowdays Hayley also blog about the challenges and great fun of traveling and eating with twins! She shares her adventures and what she eat traveling, or even sometimes hanging out at home in Southern California. Besides the Foodie Adventures back home in the States you'll also find Travel Stories and Travel Inspiration from Europe and Asia in her Food and Travel blog.

Where Food Takes Us

Darrah and Garreth, USA

Digital Nomad Couple Darah and Garret from Oklahoma, USA share their Travel Tips (and mistakes) on their Food and Travel Blog Where Food Takes Us. What started as a mindbogling idea to quit their day jobs and moving abroad during a road trip through the Arizona Desert has now become a Digital Nomad Lifestyle filled with delicious Food! The freedom of Teaching English Online quickly changed their minds of living in Taipei, Taiwan for a year. Instead they now let their stomachs lead them to new Food Destinations around the World!

Tasteful Detours

Tod Hughes, USA

Tod Hughes started his blog Tasteful Detours as a result of his passion for food and travel experiences! We do love to Travel for Food too (who doesn't, right?) With time the desire to share information with like-minded readers grew and Tod really love to explore local cuisine and cultural experiences, plus the most interesting places to visit when you have limited time. Follow Tod and Tasteful Detours to Top Dining and Food across U.S. and the world, farm-to-table cuisines, fine dining at Michelin-starred restaurants and the best in local markets or the top local foods

Aware Impact

Yana Maximova, Russia

Meet Yana Maximova from the blog Aware Impact! When starting to blog about Travel she decided early that her Travel Blog should be focused on sustainable and responsible travels! Her drive is to show her readers how sustainable and responsible travelling isn't only the travelling part but also teaching them to be living a more responsible life; using less plastic, to respect and love Nature, Wildlife and Local Communities. Follow her on her mission and journey towards a better future.

Find Tash

Tash Matt, Australia

Tash Matt blog about Travel at Find Tash and like many other Travel Bloggers her main reason for starting blogging was a will to tell others about her experiences and journeys. Tash is an adrenaline seeker of sorts, enjoying the outdoors and off the beaten path adventures but also exploring new cuisines and new cultures on her Travels. With 8 countries on 3 different continents and counting, Tash have just started her mission to explore as much as possible of our Earth.

Travel Tips by Lea

Léa Mandoni, France

Léa Madoni is really passionate about travel! That's why she started to write about her travels, trying to inspire other to travel more, give helpful travel tips and travel advice. With a lot of European Destinations and other great countries visited, her website is an open book of her different experiences that she had or that people shared with her around the globe. If you look for some Travel Inspiration you can get more Travel Tips from her at her official Food and Travel Blog.

Via Travelers

Alex Kroeger, USA

Alex Kroeger is the Co-Founder and Editor of Via Travelers. Via Travelers is one of these modern travel blogs that are really focused on helping you learn the best travel tips, get the best travel hacks and find itineraries online helping you to explore the world and plan your trips in advance. Alex started blogging about Food and Travel because he thinks traveling the world is an adventure and people should know about it!


Casey Marriot, Mexico

MEXLocal is a website that reveals all the local travel tips for Mexico! Casey Marriot want travellers to be excited about Mexico after five years of living there. Her travel blogging is about breaking the fear-mongering sterotypes and instead showing the diverse local life, amazing landscapes and rich gastronomy that her beloved Mexico is proud of. If you thinking of visiting Mexico you should ask a local and then MEXLocal is your first choice! Visit Mexico.

Travel Love Blog

Zeljka Rajic Aralica, Croatia

Travel Love Blog was started by Zeljka Rajic Aralica when she couldn't start a Travel Company! Not the most common reason...But we know now she LOVE travelling! And like many other her blogging about Travel really took flight when she decided to let her friends, family and the World know about her travel experiences around the world!

Nattie on the Road

Natalie Kafader Nealan, USA

Natalie started her blog to encourage anyones curiosity about the world and show that everyone can have an adventure travelling. She's from California, USA and a real outdoor enthusiast and self proclaimed Hipster! Natalie travel with her husband Rob. Take part of their stories, their adventures - but also misadventures and everything they learned while being a travelling couple

Hillwalking Society

Mary-Preston Austin, UK

Mary-Preston Austin started to blog about the Hillwalking Adventures experienced during travels in the Scotland Highlands. But lets clear the obvious question here: What is Hillwalking? Hillwalking is maybe what some call hiking. However, the mountanious parts of UK is more hills than mountains so calling it Hillwalk is pretty much spot on! Mary-Preston loves the absurd adventures on her trails while doing Hillwalks so visit the Travel Blog Hillwalking Society to know more!

40 and it Shows

Paola Cirino, Italy

Paola Cirino started her blog about Travel to meet new, well-travelled  friends around the World. Another reason was that she didn't felt like she had enough travel-inclined friends to start with and wanted to connect with like-minded travel addicted. We welcome you to Food and Travel Guides Paola - you have a lot of friends right here who look forward to a long friendship! Also take some time to check out her creative ideas on Asteroidea-3D!

Giraffe View Blog

Pauline, USA

Pauline is a fulltime student from Los Angeles, California that started her Travel Blog to share her World Wide Travels, Travel Photography and Environmental Experiences! Pauline love traveling more than anything, so her blog is where she share her experiences and photographs from all around the world, hopefully inspiring her readers to see the world with a giraffe’s view. We guess that's a good point of view, trying to make the best out of your travels while leaving a minimal ecological footprint as possible on your jou

Sightseeing Shoes

Suzanne Tam, UK

Suzanne's a Food and Travel Blogger from UK that loves to travel with her partner as often as she can but also keen to write about it in her blog Sightseeing Shoes! That's perfect because we love doing just the same at Food and Travel Guides! With many Destinations travelled both in UK and abroad combined with Travel Tips and Travel Fun along the way her blog is really something you should check out right away.


The Chubby Nomad

Camila Wanderley, USA

When Camila was a student she found herself struggling with one of the hardest questions to answer of all; How can I Travel Cheaper. Maybe that wasn't what happened but we like to belive so, because some time ago her first Travel Blog A Semi-Broke Nomad was born. And after some thinking she redesigned and started The Chubby Nomad - a Wine and food tourism agency. We guess the student life is over then?

South European Wanderings

Milena Marangon, Italy

Guest Blogger Milena Marangon is an Italian Food Travel Blogger based in Madrid. She have opened the blog South European Wanderings to inspire readers to visit less-known destinations in Southern Europe. Recently, she have been focusing on Spain, findings plenty to write about in her surroundings, from nature to cultural events to gastronomy.

Kimberly Fisher

Kimberly Fisher, USA

Guest Blogger Kimberly Fisher is an NYC-based Lifestyle Expert, Freelance Writer & On-Camera Host covering beauty, celebrity interviews, fashion, lifestyle, luxury travel, mindfulness, spa, and trends.

Cait Kontalis

Cait Kontalis, USA

Guest Blogger Cait Kontalis from the self-named Travel Blog is an Greek-American Travel Blogger based in Chicago, Illonois. The most important thing in her life is to travel. Her motto is: "I firmly believe that the more people travel, the better global citizens we will become"! We agree 110% with that!

Emma's Roadmap

Emma, Belgium

Guest Blogger Emma is a Belgian business student bitten by the travel bug! On her Travel Blog she write about city trips and travel tips while focusing on saving you valuable time while you plan your next trip!

Another Fine Story

Carmen Hackmann, Austria

Guest Blogger Carmen Hackmann from Vienna in Austria run the Travel Blog Another Fine Story where she shares her stories and travel photos from her travels in Europe, USA and Asia.

Sydney Day Tours

Rakkitha Kumarage, Australia

Guest Blogger Rakkitha Kumarage is a private tour guide based in Sydney that does all of the above tours besides blogging about Sydney Day-Trips at Sydney Top Tours. Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley wine tours and Port Stephens is his favourite Sydney Day Tour Destinations and Top three picks if wanting to experience more on your Sydney Trip.

Neo Blogs and Vlogs

Tushar Sehgal, India

Tushar Sehgal aka Neo from India is in love with travel and sharing his experiences in Neo Blogs and Vlogs. Tushar is on a long mission! He wants to travel the whole globe and learn about new things, being creative with his lens on the way and share all that in the blog! He made the blog as a window to the world of his adventures.

The Soul Traveler Diaries

Alexis Canella, Expat in Indonesia

Author and Guest Blogger Alexis Canella (or Lexi for short) is the creator of The Soul Traveler Diaries, a resource for travelers who are looking for ways to affordably travel the world and are seeking opportunities to live and work abroad. Lexi have traveled to over 50 countries across 7 continents and have circumnavigated the globe in a span of four months by ship.

Bon Voyage Brittany

Brittany Merriman, USA

Brittany Merriman of Bon Voyage Brittany is a globetrotting sustainability nerd eager to bring the joys of living an ethical and ecofriendly lifestyle to women everywhere. She has been a full-time nomadic adventurer for over four years. Her hobbies include long walks up mountain slopes, longer ski runs down mountain slopes, and drinking wine pretty much anywhere.

Dubai Wikia

Neha Singh, Dubai

Guest Blogger Neha Singh is a postgraduate in Mass Communications and a keen writer. She is passionate about traveling to new places, reading fiction, learning new things and loves being a nature trekker. She is frequantly published on Dubai Wikia.

Colin Tierney, UK

Colin Tierney from blogtraveleat actually started traveling quite late in life and decided to blog about his Food Travels, eating, and exploring his destinations like a local. He wanted to share his experiences in the blog to help others but blogtraveleat was supposed to also work as an aide memoir. We think it was a fantastic idea to let us read about his food adventures!

Muse and Wander

Issabella Orlando, UK

Issabella Orlando from Muse and Wander is a Canadian-Italian writer, wanderer, cultural heritage advocate, and archaeologist in the making. She has found that travel is one of the best ways to get what we all want out of life: to feel connected.

Travel Mexico Solo

Shelley, Mexico

Shelley is a former Miami travel magazine editor who ditched the office for the world! After traveling solo to 16 states in Mexico, she settled down in Mérida, Mexico, in 2019. Today, she runs Travel Mexico Solo and helps travelers plan their perfect Mexico trip.

Backpack & Explore

Sinjana Ghosh, India

Sinjana Ghosh is a travel blogger and the author of the book Postcards from India. She blogs about her travels in India and beyond on her blog Backpack & Explore. It's full of practical travel guides for time-poor travelers as well as funny anecdotes, historic tidbits, and the back-story of places.

 Punta Cana Travel Blog

Chris, Dominican Republic

Chris knows all the pristine beaches and secluded waterfalls you can explore in Punta Cana and the entire country and loves it if visitors leave their all-inclusive resort to discover the beauty, diversity, Caribbean smiles, and Latin vibes the Dominican Republic has to offer.

Moyer Memoirs Empty Nest Travel Adventures

Michelle Moyer, USA

This is your Team Member description. Use this space to write a brief description of this person’s role and responsibilities, or add a short bio with a background summary. It’s also a great opportunity to highlight how this person is an asset to the team.

Greta's Travels

Greta Omodoni, Italy/ UK

Greta Omodoni is an Italian travel blogger and content creator based in London. She started Greta’s Travels when she was working 9-5 as a management consultant, both as a way to share her travel stories, but also with the aim to escape the office life (spoiler alert, it worked)!

Grey Globetrotters

Coralie Thornton, UK

Coralie Thornton blog about her travels at Grey Globetrotters. Whether you’re looking for detailed destination guides, off-the-beaten-track gems, travel tips, or information about safe solo travel for women over 50, you’ll find it all there.

Knycx Journeying

Knycx, Destination Unknown

Knycx Journeying is a blog covering anything that interests us from history, culture, humanity, architecture, art, food, music to outdoor adventure. The Blog made it the mission to inspire readers with guides, adventures, resources, tips, and more – for you to experience what this amazing and beautiful world has to offer.

Wayward Wayfarer

Avantika Chaturvedi, India

Wayward Wayfarer is a travel blog run by Avantika Chaturvedi which mainly focuses on slow, solo, and sustainable travel across offbeat locations in the Indian subcontinent.

Wyld Family Travel

Family Wyld, Australia

Wyld Family Travel is all about first-hand travel experiences from travel experts. Whether you enjoy family travel, couple travel, solo travel, or travel with teenagers, we have the best and most, detailed destination guides to help you plan your next vacation with ease.

London Dreamings

Greta Omoboni, Italy/ UK

Greta Omoboni moved to London in 2012 and quickly fell in love with this incredible city. She started London Dreamings to share her love and top tips for London. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first trip or if you’re also a Londoner, London Dreamings will help you make the most of your time in London!

Directionally Challenged Traveler

Pamela Drager, USA

Pamela is The Directionally Challenged Traveler - getting lost all around the world. She focuses on experiencing all the world has to offer - from camping in Antarctica to standing in awe at the Pyramids of Giza. Without editing photos, she hopes to show others the joys of travel.

Penang Insider

Marco Ferrarese, Malaysia

Penang Insider is a travel and lifestyle blog focused on Penang island, the mainland part of the state, Seberang Perai, and the neighboring states of Kedah, Perak, and Perlis. Written by Rough Guides and Lonely Planet writer Marco Ferrarese who has called Penang home for a decade, Penang Insider offers the best local intelligence about the best food, activities, and meaningful travel in northern Malaysia.

Hop on World

Mariza, South Africa

Mariza is a former Pretoria-based Advertising Exec who left her job to travel in Asia. More than a decade later, she now calls Taiwan home. On her blog, Hoponworld, you'll find in-depth destination guides and stacks of travel tips to help you travel in Taiwan and Asia.

Tara Lets Anywhere

Kathrine Cortes, Philippines

In Filipino, “tara lets” is a fun slang for “let’s go.” Tara Lets Anywhere is a travel blog that encourages everyone to go out, have fun, and explore. Written by Katherine Cortes, it mostly features budget guides, hotels and resort recommendations, and food trips in the Philippines and other parts of the world.

A World in Reach

Sydney, USA

After falling in love with traveling the world while studying abroad in college, Sydney started A World in Reach to inspire other students to see the world while minimizing their expenses and maximizing their experiences.

Italy Foodies

Lori Sorrentino, Italy

Lori loves eating her way through Italy and publishing her food finds on Italy Foodies, a travel and food website dedicated to the regional food culture and food experience throughout Italy. She has a special fondness for the foods of her family’s homeland in Campania.

Truly Expat

Paula Barnes, Singapore/ Australia

Paula has lived in 7 countries in 15 years, and Seoul, South Korea, was one of them. Now splitting her time between Singapore and Sydney, Australia, she always looks for new and exciting places to eat. Through Truly Expat, she can share her knowledge about all things expat-related.

Uprooted Traveler

Jessica Schmit, USA

Jessica Schmit is a corporate attorney by day and a travel blogger by night, focusing on adventurous and responsible travel, both in her home of the Pacific Northwest and abroad. She enjoys exploring off-beat destinations, finding a really good deal, and hunting down the best craft beer a city has to offer. Before 2020, she spent her free time diving into international destinations, from Budapest to the Angkor Wat, but has recently taken to having more local adventures in her home of the Pacific Northwest, with a focus on backpacking, hiking, and RVing.

Guide Your Travel

Victoria Heinz, Germany

Victoria grew up in Germany. Right now she's studying at a university in Scotland and is about to graduate with a bachelor’s degree. Full-time travel is Victoria's dream and she has spent the last few years slowly building an online business. Guide your Travel is technically a travel blog, but I also write about photography, social media, and how you can start blogging.

Culture Shock Adventure

Luke, New Zealand

Luke is a New Zealand-born Sydney-sider with a passion for travel and culture. He writes Culture Shock Adventure, a blog focused on the fun, quirky bits of culture we encounter while traveling. He has traveled extensively throughout Europe and Asia and is currently rediscovering his own region in Oceania.

Claire Pins Travels

Claire Bee, Canada

Claire from Canada wants to help you get inspired to plan your next trip with useful information about budget travel, with a focus on Canadian destinations, exciting festivals, special events, and other once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences. On her website, she shares travel tips and destination guides along with helpful, comprehensive reviews of travel experiences like tours, day trips, and other activities.

Intentional Travelers

Michelle Chang, USA inspires and equips everyday people to pursue life-changing experiences around the world. Author, Michelle, and her husband quit their traditional jobs in 2011 to serve as Peace Corps Volunteers. They have been location-independent digital nomads since 2014, running a freelance web services business while they explore new places.


Jakub Juszyński, Poland

Jakub Juszyński from is a blogger, traveler, and marketer. Love to explore new places and try local products. Try to explore the world as much as possible!

Travel your Memories

Cynthia & Alexander, Netherlands

Cynthia & Alexander, adventure travel bloggers from Travel your Memories. They travel the world to inspire people with busy lives to do the same. Via their travel blog their share all tips to help others to plan their next adventure.

Travels with Eden Blog

Sylvie, UK

Sylvie is a family travel blogger at Travels with Eden who tries to travel with her daughter as much as possible. She set up her blogs to help families plan the perfect trips away with kids, from finding the ideal travel gear to discovering the best destinations.

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