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Find South America Guides here. All South American Destinations from Top Food Travel Bloggers.


A Passage to South American Marvels

Venture into the heart of South America with our immersive South America Guides. Roam through vibrant markets, scale majestic peaks, and dance to the rhythm of samba. These guides are your ticket to exploring the myriad landscapes and cultures that make up this captivating continent. Whether you seek the mysteries of ancient civilizations or the thrill of Amazonian rainforests, our South America Guides are your passport to unlocking a realm of experiences like no other.

Embark on a South American Odyssey

These Foreign Roads - Cartagena - Sunset

Seven Cheap Activities in Cartagena, Colombia

These Foreign Roads

Ever thought what you can do when travelling on a budget and visiting Cartagena in Colombia? These Foreign Roads give you 7 things to enjoy on this Destination in a Travel Guide!


Sacred Valley Secrets

Czick on the Road

Follow Guest Blogger Czick On The Road on an Inca Trail Itinerary in Peru looking for the most beautiful ruins and astonishing places in the infamous Sacred Valley.

Salento - Cocora[5955].jpg

Visiting Colombia’s Coffee Region

These Foreign Roads

A Guest Blog Post from These Foreign Roads Kylee and Mark Hayes visiting one of their favourite Countries; Colombia and the famous Coffee Region


A Look at Argentine Cuisine and Customs

Ditch The Map

Interested in the Argentine Food Scene? Ditch the Map bring you a Food Guide with a lot of Food Photography from their Argentina Journey.


Atacama Desert in Chile

Travel Love Blog

Do you love breathtaking scenery? Do you love off the beaten path adventures? Do you love travel - and deserts? Then Atacama is a Destination for you! Follow Guest Blogger Travel Love Blog to Chile.


The Bar Culture of Belo Horizonte, a culinary-must of Brazil

The Chubby Nomad

Brazil's Belo Horizonte is a culinary mecca of Brazil, and that is reflected on the dishes that are served in these bars — mineiros know how to appreciate high price and gourmet food.


Quito in Ecuador Travel Guide

Urge to XPLORE

A complete Guide to Quito in Ecuador; the Capital Closest to the Sun in the Middle of the Earth. Find places to go around, things to see and best place to stay in Quito.

Beach chair lounges ©Gail Clifford.jpg

Why I Loved My Sabbatical in Placencia, Belize

ABLE Travel & Photo

Belize is a cluster of islands so be ready to embrace the beach life when you touch down in Placencia. In this Travel Guide can read about history, what to do and what to eat!


Eco-Tourism and Sustainable Travel: Destination Costa Rica


Visiting Costa Rica is inspiring for you who want to choose stays that are eco-friendly or outspokenly conscious about our world's environment when planning your next destination.

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