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Here you'll find all Miscellaneous Guides. All Guides with no specific Destination, Travel Hacks and Travel Tips, Stories and Guides from the Food and Travel Guides team of Contributors and Bloggers.

Miscellaneous Guides

Girl in lotus position in front of a clouded mountain peak. Responsible and safe travel Collab Post.

#staycation: Responsible and Safe Travels during a Pandemic

Collab Blog Post

Responsible and Safe Travels during a Pandemic is a Collab Post between Top Travel Bloggers from all over the World, exploring their own surroundings during Covid-19 and the Corona outbreak.

Food Destinations for Fun and Fine Dining

Sticks & Spoons Food Travel

These are the Food Destinations you should go to discover new Foodie Spots as well as a fantastic Food Culture. If you Travel for Food like Sticks & Spoons, this Foodie Guide will help you discover new destinations to travel.

San Sebastian with the bay of La Perla. San Sebastian is a Foodie Spot and the home of Pintxos.
How to travel without moving an inch from home! Websites designed to explore our world.

7 ways to travel without moving an inch!

Travel Hand Made

7 ways to travel without moving an inch is a Travel from Home Guide with travel tips during a Pandemic when travels are limited. Discover the world from home, travel through technology; travelling without moving an inch.

Tips to Travel the World on a Budget

Via Travelers

Want to Travel More but wondering how your wandering and budget are supposed to add up? Learn by Via Travelers guide and Tips on Travel on a Budget.

Bagan Baloon Festival. An array of Baloons in the sunset of Bagan, Myanmar.
A wonderful Swiss lake is a perfect stop with a Motorhome. Explore with motorhome travels.

10 Reasons to Travel by Motorhome

Wandering Bird

How cool is a Moterhome? Ask Guest Blogger Wandering Bird! Here's 10 Resons why you should try to Travel by Motorhome! Enjoy the Trip!

Instagram hashtags for the best exposure

Czick on the Road

As you have probably already noticed yourself, some hashtags perform better and some worse. The performance also depends on the current Instagram algorithm, but there are still a few things you can do to improve it if you ask Czick on the Road.


How to Improve Your Writing Online

Food and Travel Guides

Food and Travel Guides' new, and improved guide "How to Improve Your Writing Online" has never been more actual than now. Start writing with us!

Best Travel Destinations in Europe Guide

Food and Travel Guides

Travelling Europe Destinations have its advantages; you get a huge number of countries just a couple of hours apart if wanting to do an itinerary for a lifetime. Start Travel Planning your Trip to Europe.

Open Road

An Ultimate Guide to Eco-friendly and Sustainable Travel Lifestyle

Collab Blog Post

Is sustainable living possible as a Traveller? How can you choose a more eco-friendly and sustainable travel alternative for your journeys? How can sustainable travel help climate change?

Travel Hacks for a Mind-Blowing Getaway That Doesn't Break the Bank

Inspired Expatriates

Getting away is fun and good for you, but it can be pretty costly. Thankfully, whether you are traveling locally, nationwide, or internationally, there are always some unexpected ways to save some money. Food and Travel Guides offers some amazing travel hacks to help you take that trip you’re dreaming about without going broke.


Amazing Worldwide Street Food Spots

Collab Blog Post

This blog post about Street Food from all over the World is brought to you by a bunch of talented Food Travelers. We really love the outcome of this collaboration and hope you do too. Feel free to like, comment and share.

How to Choose a Wonderful Destination for Teenager's Summer Vacation

The Broad Life

In particular, vacationing with teenagers would be an adventure you don't always want to remember. To avoid facing boredom and an unhappy child, you should choose and plan a summer vacation with your kid in mind.

An explorer staring down a slope with breathtaking mountains and a distant valley.

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