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Travel Hacks for a Mind-Blowing Getaway That Doesn't Break the Bank

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

Getting away is fun and good for you, but it can be pretty costly. Thankfully, whether you are traveling locally, nationwide, or internationally, there are always some unexpected ways to save some money. Food and Travel Guides offers some amazing travel hacks to help you take that trip you’re dreaming about without going broke.

Guest Blogger: Vivek Mukherjee, Inspired Expatriates

Table of Content: "Travel Hacks for a Mind-Blowing Getaway That Doesn't Break the Bank"

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Start with Your Phone

There are a lot of ways your cell phone can help you save big bucks on your trip.

Start by making sure your phone is up to snuff. The last thing you want is to be in a strange place and have no way to contact family and friends or not be able to access your GPS when you need it.

Then load your phone with apps that will help you make the most of your money and your adventure. Some apps help you find the best tours and low-cost attractions, connect you with public transportation, and help you save money when you eat out. It’s easy to see how your phone can be the backbone of your frugal getaway, and the key to having fun!

Saving Money When You Fly

Mention a plane ticket, and people automatically assume it is going to be a pricey purchase with at least a few surprise fees. In truth, it isn't hard to find a comfortable, pleasant flight for a sliver of what everyone else is paying—if you know where to look.

You may not mind being uncomfortable for a short trip, but comfort is much more important if you're flying across the country or the world. The problem is that business and first-class tickets are quite expensive.

The best-kept secret in air travel may be premium economy seating. A little more expensive than economy seats but not as pricey as business class, the premium economy gives travelers more legroom, a more comfortable seat, better restroom options, and other amenities.

What’s more, TaxAct points out that you can snag lower prices when you travel during less popular times and seasons.

Bear in mind too that if you use deal aggregator sites when you search for affordable airfare, you can usually tap into coupons or promotions that bring extra savings.

Pack to Save

Packing can save you money when you consider what you are packing and not how you are packing. There are several easy, cost-cutting items that you can pack that will significantly reduce your travel budget.

Collapsible bottles, universal power adapters, and a luggage scale are all small, simple items that can save you a lot of money on your travels.

Consider also packing clothes that are interchangeable and easy to clean. Don't pack anything that you can't replace easily. Any item of clothing you bring on vacation should be easy to take care of to avoid dry cleaning fees and extra laundry charges. And only pack clothing you know you’ll need—leave those “just in case” items at home. If you hit a hiccup, you can always thrift shop for a bargain that fills the gap.

There are a lot of ways to save big while still having a blast on vacation. The key is to identify where you are spending the most and consider where the most value is. Put your phone to good use, be smart about comfort, and pack sparingly. And most of all, have fun!


Guest Blogger Vivek Mukherjee is a passionate Business Blogger with great knowledge about starting a business overseas at Inspired Expatriates. Luckily, he also loves traveling around the world and as a frequent flyer, he has some good advice and Travels Hacks to book that cheap Getaway of your dreams!

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1 Comment

Lindsay Jane Vine
Lindsay Jane Vine
Aug 05, 2021

Great tips! I've recently gone from Contract phone to Pay as You Go so when I next go abroad I'll just pick up a sim at the airport, but I never thought about downloading apps when I get to the country too for attractions, day tours, ect. Thanks for sharing :)

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