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Travel Hacks: How to Save 40% or more on Travel and Accommodation

We would lie if we would write "we have booked a lot of travel lately". You all know why. But what we know is how our travel planning looked like before the Corona outbreak, and how our number one Travel Hack we used during the last years have saved us money.

We decided to sit down and go through all the transactions we had that was related to airline tickets, accommodation, transportation during our travels, round trips, tours and activities in 2019 - and compared them to the full prices. The avarage savings was a bit over 40%!

Black Friday Travel Deals are coming...

The times are not for Travel right now, we know. However, Black Friday is coming up and this year it will be really interesting to see how the Aviation Industry, the Search Sites, the Booking and Tours sites handle the situation of non-travel we're in.

They will indeed try to make sales - which means there's a lot of deals waiting for you on the Friday the 27th of November - but how will they look like?

We will add all the best Black Friday Deals in our Travel Store so be sure to bookmark and come back if you are curious and want to see how it all works out. We have got indications already that some of the Travel sites will have their best travel deals up to date on Black Friday!


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