Best Travel Destinations in Europe Guide from Top Travel Blogs

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Travelling Europe Destinations have it's advantages; you get a huge number of countries just a couple of hours apart if wanting to do an itinerary for a lifetime. Start Travel Planning your Trip to Europe right now with our Guide to the Best Destinations to Travel from Top Travel Blogs.

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Guide to the Best Europe Destinations to Travel

Writing Travel Guides and Itineraries on Europe Destinations is something our Food Travel Writers and Guest Bloggers love to do. The European Continent is a multicultural melting pot with flourishing metropolitans and cities packed with tourist attractions, entertainment, history and culture. If this kind of travels are right up your alley, you'll find your fill for a lifetime in Europe. European countries also have an unique scenery to experience for the adventurous, intrepid and nature loving traveller with a wanderlust for off the beaten path discoveries.

A Complete Guide to Malta

The beautiful, little island of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea may be small, but you have so much to discover when visiting! Guest Blogger "Make You Wander" will show you some of the Maltese Gems she found in her Complete Guide to Malta right here.

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Visit the Ice Hotel in Sweden

Maybe you have heard about Ice Hotels? But did you know about Jukkasjärvi in Sweden? Well, this is where the first Original Ice Hotel was built more then 30 years ago! Food Travel Writer "A Piece of My Pie" is visited the Ice Hotel and this is the travel story with her 10 reasons why Jukkasjärvi should be on your bucket list!

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Europe Destination Travels is absolutely perfect for Stop-Over Flights!

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What is a stop-over? A stopover is when you get a 24 hours or more layover where you can leave the airport and discover a completely new city. In Europe you can find a lot of stop-overs to enrich your vacation experience and this is actually the whole business idea with Airwander! Go Explore!

With a stopover-flight you're not only having a boosted travel experience - stopovers can save you money too! What Airwander does is also finding the cheapest flight path for your trip planning!

Awesome things to do on Mallorca

Another little island in the Mediterranean is spanish island paradise Mallorca. Yes, you've probably heard something else - like Mallorca's just a party island (it's that too) - but our Guest Blogger "A World of Destinations" will defenitely change your mind about Mallorca in this Mallorca Guide!

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Top Travel Tips to Tuscany in Italy

Do you wonder what you can't miss in Tuscany, Italy? Our Food Travel Writer "Sticks & Spoons Food Travel" have this Tuscan checklist with the must-do's when visiting Toscana (as the italians say). Italy is one of the most popular European Destinations today and just by reading this Tuscany Guide make's it understandable!

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Day-trips you can do from Madrid

From Madrid in Spain you have a lot attractions and cultural sites within reach for day-trips with "South European Wanderings" Travel Tips! Discover Segovia, Toledo, San Lorenzo del Escorial and Ávila - so check out this Madrid Day-Trip Guide!

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Travel Guide to Budapest

Budapest in Hungary; Buda & Pest carries itself with effortless charm on every beautiful street corner. Budapest is the Capital in Hungary and it needs to be explored! It's a great destination in Europe when you travel on a budget and there's so much history, culture and entertainment to see and experience! Read the Budapest Guide from our Food Travel Writers" Urge to XPLORE"!

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Travel Tips for your Iceland Adventure

Iceland being the spectacular destination that it is and offering so much to do in terms of different landscapes - mountains, glaciers, lakes, craters, waterfall, hotsprings.. and that fairy tale-vibe that is unsurpassed when comparing with other European Destinations. Find out more about Iceland from "Often Out Of Office" Iceland Guide!

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8 Amazing Foods to try in Romania

Ever wondered what to eat when travelling to Romania? This is a Food Guide to Romanian Traditional Food. The Food in Romania is both rustic and earthy as you will notice in this Romanian Food Guide from our Guest Blogger "Sightseeing Shoes". Romania might not be on everyone's bucket list but if you ask us that's really one good reason to go there! Learn more about The Romanian Food Culture.

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Best Burgers in Barcelona

Who doesn't love Burgers, right? Are you looking for the Best Hamburgers in Barcelona? Well, this restaurant review comparing two of the best burger restaurants in Barcelona might be a Foodie Tip for you. Find your Hamberger Foodie Spot in Barcelona with the help from our Guest Blogger "Eat Bake Fit". And you'll be the judge if this is The Best Burgers in Barcelona!

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Find Cheap Flights, Hotels and Car Rentals for Europe Destinations

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Street Art Artscape Tour in Sweden

If you're a big fan and love the Art of the Streets this Street Art Guide to Gothenburg, Sweden with amazing Street Art and Mural Paintings from Artscape Saga Project, should be right up your alley. Find beautiful Street Art and Murals in this comprehensive Art Guide from Food Travel Writers "Sticks & Spoons Food Travel"!

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Top 5 Squares in Naples

Don't be square! Or please go ahead if you like our Guest Blogger "40 and it Shows" are into Squares! Naples in Italy has many beautiful squares to visit for a walk, a pizza or a coffee, or a bit of shopping. Discover Naples Top Squares. This Guide to Naples Top 5 Squares will probable look on squares with new eyes!

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Destination Dubrovnik: A Hipster's Guide to Croatia

Dubrovnik is probably the first place you think of when you hear Croatia. It’s become one of the most popular destinations on the Mediterranean Sea and in Croatia in recent years. Honestly it’s pretty easy to see why, the old town, an Unesco World Heritage site, has a beautiful and unique old world charm. And for all those Game of Thrones fans out there, it is the filming location for Kings Landing in the show! Find "Nattie on the Road"s Dubrovnik Guide here!

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Put London on your Bucket List

What pops into your head when you hear London? I would guess double decker buses, Big Ben, and fish and chips. London has always been a top tourist destination in Western Europe but there is more to this vibrant city than meets the eye. "Queen of Wanderlust" list her top 6 best reasons why you should put London on your Bucket List!

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Hillwalking in the Scottish Highlands

What the heck is Hillwalking? Well, it's actually as easy as it sounds. Experience the Mountainsides Hillwalking in the Scottish Highlands with a "pro" Hillwalker from the Guest Blogger "Hillwalking Society"! This is a travel story from Scotland filled with playful fantasy with both demons and...cheese?

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7 Cities in England to visit

Smita Chandra will show that England always has something exciting to offer! With historical monuments, museums, pubs and restaurants to sample every kind of cuisine under the sun, you won’t have enough time to fit it all in! Read the England Guide here!

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Oslo in Norway: Guide as a Local

This is a Guide to Oslo with reviews on what to see, what to do and what to eat in the Capital of Norway - Oslo. Our Food Travel Writer "blogtraveleat" visited Oslo and discovered the norwegian hospitality like a local. Find Oslo sightseeing, food, museums and other good things to know when you are visiting Oslo in this Oslo Guide.

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