Best Travel Destinations in Europe Guide from Top Travel Blogs

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Traveling Europe Destinations have its advantages; you get a huge number of countries just a couple of hours apart if wanting to do an itinerary for a lifetime. Start Travel Planning your Trip to Europe right now with our Guide to the Best Destinations to Travel from Top Travel Blogs.

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Santorini in Greece is a Top Destination in Europe with white chalked houses; some with blue cupol roofs, climbing up the hills on this Mediterranean Island, surrounded by azur blue waters. An iconic travel destination in Europe high on every travelers bucket list. The greek islands invite you enjoy the greek cuisine and do water activities like sun bathing, sea cruises and water sports.

Guide to the Best Europe Destinations to Travel

Writing Travel Guides and Itineraries on European Destinations is something our Food Travel Writers and Guest Bloggers love to do. The European Continent is a multicultural melting pot with flourishing metropolitans and cities packed with tourist attractions, entertainment, history, and culture. If this kind of travel is right up your alley, you'll find your fill for a lifetime in Europe. European countries also have unique scenery to experience for the adventurous, intrepid, and nature-loving traveler with a wanderlust for off-the-beaten-path discoveries.

A colorful fishing boats lay in a vibrant harbour in the historical parts of Malta. Malta is an island in the Mediterranean Sea with architecture and cultural influences of a combination of Northern Africa, Southern Europe and the Middle East. You'll find a lot of activities, things to do and see on Malta which make the island a perfect destination on your Europe vacation.

A Complete Guide to Malta

The beautiful, little island of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea may be small, but you have so much to discover when visiting! Guest Blogger "Make You Wander" will show you some of the Maltese Gems she found in her Complete Guide to Malta right here.

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One of the Suites at the Original Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden; a hotel completely made of ice from the Torne River give all details and interior a shimmering, calming and magical blue tone of Ice. It's truly amazing what they can do with ice; from the glasses for your cocktails to entire rooms, beds and ice sculpures too. Visit Ice Hotel in this complete guide to the Ice Hotel as well as cool activities as dog sledging, snow mobile safari, aurora borealis and Raidu - the Saami Culture of the North of Sweden.