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Travel, Accomodation, and Activity Resources

These are our own favorite sites and travel resources when planning our trips. We have made travel planning easy for you and list the best travel resources such as flight ticket search, booking a hotel, resort, or accommodation, travel insurances, transportation, and also travel tips with things to do at your destination.


Travel Resources that will save you money.

Actually, we usually cut our travel costs by 40% or more using those Travel Hacks!


Start your Travel Planning here!

Disclosure: Our site contains Affiliate Links. Clicking an Affiliate Link and purchasing something we recommend, won't cost you anything extra - it probably will save you some bucks - and will give us a small commission helping this site remain a free resource and travelers exploring the world.

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Tips and Hacks to find the Cheapest Flight Tickets Online!

Do you wonder how it can be possible to buy Cheap Flight Tickets Online? These are our Best Travel Hacks when searching, comparing, and finding the Cheapest Airfare and Flight Tickets online today.

Skyscanner is without a doubt our favorite flight planner to use. With hundreds of flight sites searchable in one single action, you can be sure to find the cheapest flights available right now.

But depending on your travel needs there are a few other interesting meta-search engines on airfare you should check out.

Want to discover something extra on your vacation and even save some money? Do a Stop-Over! A Stop-Over is 24 hours or more on a destination with a flight the next day - just enough to get a taste of a brand new location. Find out more at Airwander.

Or why not go full Explorer mode? What Kiwi can do for you is use a unique algorithm to create millions of flight combinations with multiple stops to take your travel to the next level and at the same time cut your costs for flight tickets.


A Guide to Hotels, Resorts and Cheap Accommodation

Whether your needs or wants are luxury or budget accommodation, both at the best price possible will leave you with more money to spend on your destination - or you can stay more nights! Here's our best Travel Hack to find the ultimate accommodation for you.

We recommend Booking if you look for Hotels, Resorts and Budget Accommodations at the best prices, often with huge discounts and savings. With their search engine, you can find everything from igloos (true story!), tree houses, apartments, hotels, or 5-star luxury resorts. With 28 million listings covering over 140K locations and destinations in 230 countries worldwide, it pretty much says it all.

But be sure to contact the hotel directly as well. Sometimes they have deals for you no site can match. You'll find a list of hotels and chains in the Resources section below.

Seaside Resort
Balcony with a View


An Insurance to fit your needs

We have great Travel Insurance included in our Home Insurance where we live but know you might need to buy a specific Travel Insurance to cover medical expenses globally, and possible misadventures or accidents, so don't ever Travel without one!

We think that to fully understand what kind of insurance coverage a traveler or digital nomad may need, you should be one yourself. And that's exactly why SafetyWing is our top choice!

With SafetyWing's three products are built and designed by a fully remote team of nomads distributed across three continents, Nomad Insurance: a Global Travel Medical Insurance, Remote Health: Global Health Insurance for Remote Workers and Nomads, and Remote Health for Companies, with SafetyWing you are covered!


But there's actually one more Travel Insurance Site you should check out to be sure. What Travel Insurance Master does is analyze your needs for your unique trip and find the perfect match.


There are many ways to travel and Travel Insurance Master makes sure you don't pay too much for maximum coverage by comparing 9 of the leading Travel Insurance Companies.

Travel Safe - Stay Awesome!


Outstanding Travel Products we love!

Here you'll find all the Best Travel Products, Travel Accessories, and Travel Gear that we use ourselves but also the Travel Items we have put on our own Shopping List for future purchases and Travel.

You can soon visit our page with recommended travel gear, and travel products, and find travel inspiration from travel guides and books. We are currently updating this part of our Travel Store. You don't want to miss out when it's ready, so sign up for our Newsletter!

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Tour Bus


What to see and do on your Destination

We love to do all sorts of tours and visit famous sights, landmarks, museums, cultural events, and foodie spots when traveling. This is our ultimate list of the best guides and tour services we know about to enrich your travel experience.

As you might have noticed; we're big fans of Get Your Guide here on Food and Travel Guides! You find searches for activities in every destination guide. We think they have the best activities and at the same time, they add value to you as a reader and traveler, giving you travel tips and inspiration on what to see and do.

If you travel to the USA you must check out City Pass which will save you up to 50% on admissions to the major city's activities.

We love to do Cooking Classes! It's a perfect activity and Cookly provides Cooking Classes with 1300 cooking experiences in more than 150 culinary destinations worldwide!

Also, check out Tour Radar the marketplace for multi-day tours working with the best local and global tour operators to give you the biggest selection of tours!


Our Tips for the Best Car Rental and Shuttle Services

Renting a Car can be the best way to travel from point A to B when you arrive at your destination. We help you choose the Car Rentals and Transportation that are the most reliable, offer the best deals, and with the greatest value.

We love taking the local transportation but sometimes you'll need a car no matter what. And if you do, choose wisely.

Hertz is an awarded world-leading car rental company that has been around for over 90 years. There's a clue for you.

Even if the above have cars for any budget or need we also love Sixt for that same reason. Cars at Sixt are always in good condition.

When it comes to doing tours; which in a sense is transportation, we often do that by bus to see a new city. We have a penchant for the hop-on and hop-off concept that City Sightseeing and Big Bus offer because of the value of experience and coverage.

For more transportation and travel choices besides cars or flights for that sake, have a look at our Resources Section below.

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Discovering the World Together (Affiliate Link from CJ)

Find all the Best Travel Resources right here

Using the right travel resources online is crucial to make your travel planning as easy as 1-2-3. Travel plan like a pro and use a Trustworthy VPN Service. To surf anonymously and prevent algorithms from messing up your searches for the cheapest flight tickets or best accommodation for your travel budget is the best travel hack ever to save big money.


That, and being able to watch Netflix at your destination, of course! 

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