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Find Europe Guides here. All European Destinations from Top Food Bloggers and Top Travel Bloggers.


Embark on a European Odyssey

Discover the diverse tapestry of Europe through our meticulously curated Europe Guides. Each guide is a portal to the continent's grandeur – from the romantic streets of Paris to the enchanting fjords of Norway. Immerse yourself in the rich heritage, awe-inspiring architecture, and delectable cuisines that define Europe. Our Europe Guides offer not just an itinerary, but an invitation to forge your own unforgettable experiences across this captivating continent.

Crafting Memories Across Europe

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Travel Tips for your Iceland Adventure

Often Out of Office

Follow Often Out of Office to the mysterious island of Iceland! In this Iceland Guide you'll find their best 3 recommendations when planning your first Iceland Adventure.


7 Cities to visit in England

Smita Chandra

Ever wondering which City to visit in England for Culture, History and Food? Guest Blogger Smita Chandra show you the way in this Itinerary to England!

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A Complete Guide to Malta

Make You Wander

In the Travel Blog Post from Make You Wander; A Complete Guide to Malta, you will discover what to see and what to do on this historical island in the Mediterranean.


5 Awesome things to do on Mallorca

A World Of Destinations

Visiting Spain and Mallorca? Here's some great Travel Tips and Travel Inspiration from Guest Blogger A World of Destinations! Enjoy Mallorca!


6 Reasons to Put London on your Bucket List

Queen Wanderlust Travels

London should be on every City Travellers Bucketlist! This is why if you ask Guest Blogger Queen of Wanderlust. She give you some Travel advice for your London visit in this Guide.


Destination Dubrovnik - A Hipster's Guide to Croatia

Nattie on the Road

Croatia have risen as a popular Travel Destination the last years. And with this Guide to Dubrovnik from Hipster Guest Blogger Nattie on the Road you will understand why!


Cheese and Demons in the Scottish Highlands

Hillwalking Society

The Mythical Highlands of Scotland. Few places have such a romantic, exciting and fairytale aura around it as the Scottish landscape. Maybe you'll find out why in this article from Guest Blogger Hillwalking Society? Start your Hillwalk here.


Top 5 Squares in Naples

40 and it Shows

Natural places in any city to gather, enjoy a cup of coffee, a meal or just admire the architechtural views; Squares are a must when travelling! Here's the Top 5 in the city of Naples in Italy from Guest Blogger 40 and it Shows!


Best Burgers in Barcelona

Eat Bake Fit

Are you a lover of Hamburgers? Eat & Bake & Travel went to the beautiful city of Barcelona and ended up at two Burger Joints with some fantastic Burgers! Here is her review of what she thinks is the Best Burgers in Barcelona!

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Oslo Review - Hotel, Food & Things To Do


Colin from blogtraveleat explores Oslo in this City Guide; where to stay, where to eat and things to do in the capitol of Norway! Lets go North to Norway and Oslo.


10 reasons why Jukkasjärvi should be on your bucketlist

A Piece of My Pie

Experience Jukkasjärvi, the ICEHOTEL and Lapland in Sweden with A Piece Of My Pie! Amazing destination including Dog Sledding, Northern Lights and Reindeers and much more!


Travel Guide to Budapest - a must-see City

Urge to XPLORE

Budapest in Hungary; Buda & Pest carries itself with effortless charm. Classic good looks with its flamboyant architecture steeped in dramatic history and culture makes it a must-see city in Eastern Europe.

Segovia Acqueduct.jpeg

Four day-trips you can do from Madrid in Spain

South European Wanderings

Here there are some of the most popular day-trip options which can be easily taken by public transport from Madrid. If you like history and good food, Spain you won´t leave you disappointed.

Lake Geneva view with steamer.jpg

Lake Geneva, where the Alps meet the water


From Lausanne to Montreux, each of the Lake’s resorts has its own character and attraction. From Lord Byron and Mary Shelley to Charlie Chaplin and Freddie Mercury, Lake Geneva has both inspired and provided a sanctuary for the celebrated and the infamous for generations.


8 Amazing Foods to try in Romania

Sightseeing Shoes

Suzanne from Sightseeing Shoes recently took the first trip to beautiful Romania, visiting the northern cities of Cluj-Napoca and Oradea. Like everywhere she goes, she like to try the local fare. This is a Guide to Romanian Food you got to try!


Top 3 Places to Fill Your Belly in Reykjavik on Iceland

Cait Kontalis

Three fantastic restaurants in Reykjavik in Iceland. A quick and easy Restaurant Review on Reykjavik's Best Restaurants to fill your belly if you ask Cait! Find three Recommended Restaurants in the Capitol of Iceland.


#Staycation Travel: Exploring Dublin and Ireland nature

Travel Cult

What to do during a Pandemic in Dublin also works, without a doubt, as an Ireland Travel Guide exploring the beautiful surroundings.


Glacier Adventure in Iceland

Eydis Gudmunds

Breiðamerkurjökull is the glacial tongue that extends from southern Vatnajökull and into the glacier lagoon Jökulsárlón, creating the icebergs that define this beautiful landmark.

Meeting Place Gail Clifford_edited.jpg

Talking Statues: A New Way to See Old Dublin

ABLE Travel and Photo

Touring Dublin following these statues and visiting the city around them will give you a new perspective on this city. Explore the tour created by Failte Ireland, the country’s major tourism authority.


Eleven Awesome Family Vacation Destinations in Europe

Collab Post

Here you will find travel inspiration to eleven destinations in Europe suitable for your upcoming family trip with the best family tours, what to do, where to go, and the best travel resources for your family travel planning.

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