Destination Dubrovnik - A Hipster's Guide to Croatia

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Dubrovnik is probably the first place you think of when you hear Croatia. It’s become one of the most popular destinations on the Mediterranean Sea and in Croatia in recent years. Honestly it’s pretty easy to see why, the old town, an Unesco World Heritage site, has a beautiful and unique old world charm. And for all those Game of Thrones fans out there, it is the filming location for Kings Landing in the show!

Guest Blogger: Natalie Kafader Nealan, Nattie on the Road

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Dubrovnik in Croatia - A Hipster's Guide

To be clear, Dubrovnik is way more than just the old town. There is a thriving modern city outside of those walls. But this guide will be focused on the old town and surrounding area. I’d love to go back at some point to get to know the rest of the city, I know there is so much more to it.

Eat & Drink in Dubrovnik

Eating and drinking are definitely some of my favorite things to do, and like the hipster I am you know I sought out as much local and craft beer as I could. As for food, the rule I generally follow is always get off the main drag . Restaurants on the main road or square are generally going to be over priced and touristy. We found quite a few little hole in the wall places on the outer edges of town usually up the skinny stair streets.

But without further adieu here are my hipster favorites! Glam Cafe: This little cafe has one of the best selections of local and craft beers. It’s a fun a casual spot to hang out, the indoor part is quite small but there is outdoor seating which I always think is preferable in the summertime. They had some of the best and most interesting beers I’ve ever tried like the “John Lemon” and the “Milkshake”. 

Beer Factory Dubrovnik: If you are looking for good beer and entertainment, the Beer Factory is it. They have an extensive selection of beers from both Croatia and all around Europe, a pretty back garden, and live music at night. What more could you want? 

Gastro Shop Pomalo: This little beer shop is the place to grab a couple of drinks to go. They have a great selection of local beers and wines as well as specialty food items like hot sauce and ice cream! One evening we picked out a few of our favorite local beers and enjoyed them on the stairs of the little alleyway.

D’Vino: If you are more of a wine person, the first thing you should know is that Croatia has amazing wines, and D’Vino is the perfect place to try them. Located right across from Glam Cafe, D’Vino has a wonderful selection of wines from all over Croatia and tastings start at just 55 KN, or around $8. The space is quite small so making a reservation is a good idea, we did so by just walking by and putting our name in for later that afternoon.