New Zealand Travel Guide and Travel Planner for 2022

Updated: Mar 9

Why should you visit New Zealand? You might think traveling to New Zealand doesn't have that much to offer a tourist? You couldn't be more wrong. The two main islands; North Island and South Island, have surprisingly a lot of tourist attractions and activities for all types of travelers to enjoy. How many islands does New Zealand have? If the two main Islands aren't enough, you have over 600 more islands to discover! The New Zealand Travel Guide with the Best Tourist Attractions will show you that two is more than enough to explore on your New Zealand vacation.

Add amazing nature experiences that will leave you breathless and the next thing you will add-in will be New Zealand to your ever-growing Travel Bucket List.

Guest Blogger: Fredrik Goldhahn, Sticks & Spoons Food Travel

Blue Waves from the shore with an overcasted sky on the horizon. The sea's ever changing wave patterns in motion.

2022 Travel Guide to New Zealand

In this comprehensive travel guide, you will find what to do in New Zealand, where to travel in NZ, what to see, and maybe most importantly if you ask us, what to eat.

This New Zealand blog post will help you find the best tourist activities like fast-paced outdoor sports for the intrepid traveler, stunning scenic environments for your travel photography, NZ vacation ideas and attractions, travel advisory, city tours, and if you're lucky; even Hobbits!

Table of Content: New Zealand Travel Guide and Travel Planner for 2022

1. Travel to New Zealand

1:1 When is the best time to visit New Zealand?

1:2 How long should I plan to stay in New Zealand for vacation?

1:3 How much does a New Zealand Vacation Cost?

1:4 Where do I find cheap flight tickets to New Zealand?

1:5 Do I need a Visa to visit New Zealand?

1:6 Can I travel to New Zealand from USA?

1:7 How long can I stay in New Zealand with a Visa?

1:8 Where do I find New Zealand vacation rentals and accommodation? 2. New Zealand North Island: ”Te Ika-a-Māui

2:1 North Island Facts

3. New Zealand North Island: City Guide 3:1 Auckland

3:2 Whangārei 3:3 Tauranga 3:4 Hamilton 3:5 Rotorua 3:6 Gisborne 3:7 New Plymouth 3:8 Hastings

3:9 Napier

3:10 Whanganui 3:11 Palmerston North 3:12 Wellington

4. New Zealand North Island: