Street Art Tour with Artscape Saga and GIBCA

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Hunting for Street Art is one of our biggest interests, so when Artscape and Gothenburg International Biennial for Contemporary Arts, GIBCA announced on their Facebook pages that they were going to do four free bus tours together (even including lunch and snacks!) to get to know the Artscape Saga Project better, with pit stops for Art Exhibitions and Museum visits, that was, of course, a no-brainer! Unfourtanly, Spoons couldn't attend more than one, but what a wonderful opportunity to see all this beautiful Street Art and Art, and the tour was awesome!

Author and Food Travel Writer: Fredrik Goldhahn, Sticks & Spoons

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Street Art by Captain Kris, New Zealand

Sticks & Spoons "Artscape Saga Tour" part two

This post is part of a series of articles and blog posts we have called "Artscape Saga Tour". You can read them individually one by one or as a book with chapters of our Street Art Hunts discovering the fantastic Street Art around Gothenburg with Street Art from the Artscape Saga Project. You'll find all parts in the Table of C