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Best Burgers in Barcelona

Updated: Sep 12

I am a real burger lover, that´s it... But it all started only a few years ago. Before, the only burgers I tried were the ones from McDonalds :D

Guest Blogger: Jana Abelovska, Eat Bake Fit

Another particular thing is that 80% of my burger consuption is made while I´m travelling. It became some kind of a "ritual" for me that whenever I´m preparing my travel itinerary I google out the best burgers in the city I´m travelling to. And using this method I had some really great and delicious burgers all over the Europe. So today I´d like to introduce you two best burgers I had this summer in Barcelona!

BACOA burger

We had the burger called "La Bacoa" which is also their best seller and it contained cheddar, manchengo cheese, homemade pickles and artisan mustard. My friend had the same burger but with extra avocado whipped with lemon juice, salt and pepper.

The burgeria declares their burgers are made of 18-month beef from Spain, never frozen or pre-cooked.

We also tried their homemade hand cut fried potatoes "Rusticas" with homemade sauces.

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Interior at Bacao Burgers

You can find on their menu also vegan and vegetarian burgers and also hand made ice-creams. They have multiple restaurants in Barcelona usually opened from 1pm and one restaurant in Madrid.

Simply Delicious Burgers!

When I was eating it almost instantly I said to myself - THIS is the BEST burger I´ve ever had. First thing, the burgers were amazingly huge as you can see from the picture and I think it is quite impossible to eat them with hands. I had to split the burger to more parts and eat them separately. Meat was absolutely juicy and wonderfully MEDIUM done as I love it.  So for me absolutely worth eating and waiting for. Everything was freshly made and you know that you don´t eat something artificialy made but food made from fresh ingredients. In this case I don´t even consider this burger a "fast food".

Size of portion: 10/10

Meat quality and taste: 9/10

Fries and sauces: 7,5/10

Interior of restaurant: 6/10

Value for money: 7/10



Timesburg is a restaurant founded by three friends that left everything behind and went for something they loved most - burgers. Timesburg has three restaurant in Barcelona and one in Paris and they are usually opened from 1 pm to 4:30 pm and then again from 8:30 pm to 11 pm. I really liked how the restaurant was furnished and styled. If I have to compare the ambience of Bacoa and Timesburg, Timesburg is winning it completely!

The Bacoa restaurant was really small, only few spots to sit and it had an atmospehere more of a bistro than a real restaurant. On the contrary - Timesburg was nothing like that. 

So, what burgers did we have? I ordered one called "La D.F" with cheddar, nachos, jalapenos and mayonnaise. My friend had "La Foie" with italian style sheep cheese, bluberry sauce and sunflower seeds. You can choose from three types of burger buns - all homemade.

You can have a plain white bun, cereal bun with mixture of seeds (sunflower, poppy, sezam) and bun with poppy seeds only. Variety of burgers is huge and prices are amazing - all burgers around 8-9 Euros. Their menu includes also the vegetarian option, homemade fries and desserts like Tiramisú or Panna Cotta.

I was really nicely surprised about the burgers. The portion was smaller than in Bacoa but in this case it was an advantage because burgers could be easily eaten, no splitting so you could taste all the burger in one piece.

And hell again, the taste was just amazing! My friend was absolutely enchanted by the "La Foie" and I have to say that this friend of mine isn´t a huge burger lover. She went there only because of me and after eating it she was mentioning it the whole day. So I think this speaks of itself!

Mine burger was also delicious. I love nachos and jalapenos, so when you combine great burger and these ingredients it can´t be nothing less than amazing, right?

I was only a little bit dissapointed by homemade fries which were good but I think It wasn´t anything special. They looked like ordinary thin fries, maybe a little bit longer and thinner. So here are the final ratings.

Size of portion: 7/10

Meat quality and taste: 9/10

Fries and sauces: 6/10

Interior of restaurant: 10/10

Value for money: 9/10


So as you can see, Timesburg got a little bit better rating than Bacoa but I really reccomend trying both of them. It depends if you prefer bigger portion, ambience of the restaurant, if you are a real fries lover... But I really hope this review helped you a little bit.

Guest Blogger Jana Abelovska from Eat Bake Fit is originally from Bratislava in the Slovak Republic but are now living in London where she loves to bake, eat breakfast (her favourite food) and take off travelling. Visit Eat Bake Fit and follow on Instagram.

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