Best Burgers in Barcelona

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

I am a real burger lover, that´s it... But it all started only a few years ago. Before, the only burgers I tried were the ones from McDonalds :D

Guest Blogger: Jana Abelovska, Eat Bake Fit

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Another particular thing is that 80% of my burger consuption is made while I´m travelling. It became some kind of a "ritual" for me that whenever I´m preparing my travel itinerary I google out the best burgers in the city I´m travelling to. And using this method I had some really great and delicious burgers all over the Europe. So today I´d like to introduce you two best burgers I had this summer in Barcelona!

BACOA burger

We had the burger called "La Bacoa" which is also their best seller and it contained cheddar, manchengo cheese, homemade pickles and artisan mustard. My friend had the same burger but with extra avocado whipped with lemon juice, salt and pepper.