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Travel and Eat on the Danish West Coast

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Discover Denmark's beautiful west coast and experience a life of leisure—from cozy cafes to succulent seafood. Enjoy the gentle attitude of the Danes, the rough nature, and unparalleled tidiness. Here are 5 must-visits on the Danish West Coast.

Guest Blogger: Joachim Kastberg, Kastberg Gourmet Is

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Henne Strand on the Danish West Coast is a must-visit for their beautiful Beaches and fine Restaurant Experiences.

1. Henne Strand: A must-visit for Beautiful Beaches and Outstanding Cuisine

The west coast of Denmark has been a popular tourist destination for Germans for many years. They love its natural beauty, cleanliness, and beautiful places to eat. Whether you're looking for a cozy cafe or an exquisite seafood dinner, you'll find it here.

For those who love the beach, Henne Strand is a must-visit destination in Denmark. This small but charming village boasts scenic views of the North Sea and many enjoyable activities. So whether you like very wide-grained sand beaches and clear waters that go on for miles, visit one of the historic museums in the area, or simply just go exploring the exquisite nature, Henne Strand has a lot to offer. The town is also known for its outstanding restaurants and fine cuisine.

At Café Stranden in Henne Strand, you can enjoy great brasserie dishes from renowned chefs, that range from freshly caught fish, steak tartare, mouth-watering risottos, and their famous burger. You can also savor homemade ice cream from Kastbergs while taking in breathtaking views of the North Sea.

Hvide Sande on the Danish West Coast is highly appriciated for the nature and dining experiences it offers.

2. Hvide Sande on the Danish West Coast: Where the North Sea meets Rinkøbing Fjord

Hvide Sande is another must-visit when on the Danish west coast. The town is located in a unique area on a very narrow strip of land between the North Sea on the one side and Rinkøbing Fjord on the other side. So whether you want to enjoy the waves and the endless sea and fine white sand beaches on the one side or the unique nature and waters of Ringkøbing Fjord on the other side there are plenty of options to get out and enjoy the beautiful nature and waters of the area.

This area is also perfect for surfing whether you like to ride the big waves of the North Sea or prefer to wind- or kitesurf in the more shallow and quiet waters of the Fjord. You can also enjoy a superb dining experience as Hvide Sande Røgeri is another great place to visit.

Here you can find some of the best smoked fish in Denmark, as well as traditional smoked meats like pork and beef. Enjoy your meal on the terrace while admiring gorgeous views of Hvide Sande harbor. Another great place to eat in this lovely city is the cozy restaurant ‘Café Gaflen’ which is also a great place to eat if you want something quick and simple or want to get a good old-fashioned ice cream cone.

Søndervig with mile after mile of white sand dunes, beaches and restaurants with scenic views on the Danish West Coast.

3. Søndervig - Hiking Trails, Miles of White Sand Dunes, and Restaurants on the Beaches

For those who are looking for something more casual yet equally delicious, head over to Woodys in Søndervig where you can enjoy a light lunch, a chilled glass of rosé or chardonnay on this beach bar, located in the beautiful dunes that are so characteristic to the entire danish west coast. As one visitor said: "Woody's is an amazing little spot - great food and atmosphere - a must-see when visiting!"

As for the previous towns, Søndervig has incredible nature, fine sand beaches that go on for miles, and plenty of options to get outside and enjoy a hike on the many hiking trails in the area.

4. Fur Island: The Small Island in the middle of Limfjorden with Big Culinary Treats

The little Island Fur on which only 800 people live is definitely also worth a visit, places in the middle of Limfjorden, surrounded by water. There are also many bike paths and hiking trails which will allow you to explore the beautiful sights of the island.

Fur is also known for several food specialties with Fur Brewery being one of these with their locally sourced and produced beers, which is definitely worth a visit. Also, the annual Oyster Festival is something special, held every year in April. For a simple lunch, it is also worth a visit to go to Café Fur - The old bakery or a delicious gourmet ice cream.

5. Skagen: Scenic Experiences and Great Food where Kattegatt and Atlantic clash with each other

Finishing at the top of the Danish west coast, a must-visit place to go is; of course, Skagen. This lovely city offers many great experiences of nature in its immediate surroundings. Skagen is placed at the very top of Denmark, and one very unique experience, that you cannot find anywhere else is going all the way out to ‘Grenen’.

Grenen is where the east and west coasts meet. At the same time, it is where the two oceans Kattegat and the Atlantic clash with each other. In other words, it is one of the only places in the world where you can stand and have a foot in two different oceans at the same time.

Skagen also has many fine restaurants to eat at. For instance ‘Restaurant De 2 Have’ which is all the way out by ‘Grenen’ offers great seafood and amazing views. Otherwise, inside the city of Skagen you can also visit the best ice cream parlor in the city ‘Nanas Skagen’.

Experience all that Denmark's west coast has to offer – from cozy cafes to succulent seafood – and let yourself be enchanted by its beautiful nature and charm!


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