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6 Reasons to Put London on your Bucket List

What pops into your head when you hear London? I would guess double decker buses, Big Ben, and fish and chips. London has always been a top tourist destination in Western Europe but there is more to this vibrant city than meets the eye. London has been the backdrop for countless movies and TV shows and is a place that you can truly visualize.

So, why is London so popular? Why should you visit? I have put together the top 6 reasons why I think London is a place that shouldn’t dare be passed up

Guest Blogger: Rachel Coston, Queen Wanderlust Travels

London should defenitely be on your Bucketlist!

#1 A Melting Pot of Diversity

London is a crazy unique and diverse city that has something to offer for travelers of all ages, backgrounds, races, sex, etc. There is something to see and do for all walks of life in London which I think is pretty awesome. The varied sections of this city offer opportunities for all to kick back and have a great time. A business section with huge skyscrapers boasts well for business-oriented travelers.

If you are looking to relax you can enjoy the endless shopping, sightseeing, and restaurants in this incredible city. For those looking to dance the night away, check out the large nightlife scene in London. Concerts, bars, and nightclubs are just a few of the nightlife aspects one can enjoy here.

#2 Away with the Public Transit WAY WITH THE PUBLIC TRANSIT HEADACHE

Ever visit a new city and immediately feel confused by their public transportation? I have used public transit in various cities but none of them compare to the train and bus systems in London. The famous red double decker buses are used for public transit which I didn’t know before. Another popular form of transportation is the underground metro system, overwise known as the “tube.” This is a great way to get around the city! With one-way tickets, daily passes, and oyster cards there are plenty of options on how to use the tube. With the oyster card you can add as much money on it as you choose at any train station. Last but not least, I can’t leave out the iconic black cabs. Hail one down and let your driver take you directly to your destination.



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