10 reasons why Jukkasjärvi should be on your bucket list

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

‘’Jukkasjärvi? What the hell is that?’’ I am sure that is the first thought of many that hear that name for the first time. So, let’s clear that up right away, shall we? It is a very small village in Sweden. It lies 200km north of the polar circle and belongs to the Swedish part of Lapland. This village was put on the map 30 years ago and year after year thousands of tourists flock to this tiny location, and some save up a long time only to be able to afford to come here for a few nights. Why you might ask, would so many people flock to a village so far away from everything? Well, because of the world-famous hotel of course. Perhaps you’ve heard about it by fellow travelers, seen it on TV in a series featuring amazing hotels, or read about it in a Magazine?

Guest Blogger: Nathalie Segelborg, A Piece of My Pie

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Table of Content: "10 reasons why Jukkasjärvi should be on your bucket list"

1: Seasonal Art Suites at ICEHOTEL

2: ICEHOTEL The Restaurant

3: Ice Bar at ICEHOTEL 365