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Top Travel Tips to Tuscany in Italy

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Spoons went to Tuscany, or Toscana as the Italians says, with his work and had a great time re-experiencing the Tuscan Landscape, Tuscany Cuisine, and Super Tuscan Wine! These are the Top Travel Tips on what to do when visiting Tuscany, Italy!

Guest Blogger: Fredrik Goldhahn, Sticks & Spoons Food Travel

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Table of Content: "Top Travel Tips to Tuscany in Italy"

Baglioni Resort Cala del Porto, Punta Ala

Tuscany Travel Tips

One of the most popular Italian destinations is without doubt Tuscany! If your travel planning for an Italian vacation in the near future, Tuscany should be on your Bucketlist!

Tuscany, Italy is perfect to travel if you love food travel, and historical sights combined with Mediterranean beaches and the wonderful Tuscan landscape. And you sure might have found a Tuscany Travel Guide with Travel Tips for Tuscany already.

However, this is my personal travel guide from a three-day itinerary with travel tips for Italy and exclusively Tuscan Destinations.

Hope you'll find new Italian Travel Inspiration and helpful Tuscany Travel Tips below!

Spend Time by the Mediterranean Sea

When thinking about Tuscany we usually imagine green fields, cypresses, and olive trees spread out with typical farmhouses and vineyards in rolling, hilly terrain. It's easy to forget that the Mediterranean Sea and the Mediterranean Coast always is near Toscana.

You really should enjoy the Mediterranean region of Tuscany while visiting Italy. The best time to visit Tuscany is in September I would say, and I'm not saying that just because that was the time for my visit. This time of the year the Mediterranean climate is wonderful; still warm and sunny.

Merlot Grape picking at Ornellaia Vineyard

Visit a Vineyard for a Wine Tour with Winery Tasting

Another Travel Tip is to visit a Vineyard and Winery. Tuscany is a great wine region and especially Bolgheri; world-famous for its Bordeaux-styled wine also known as Super Tuscans. Take a Wine Tour and Winery Tour to experience winemaking up. September is also the best time of year to visit a vineyard in Italy.

I was visiting the Ornellaia Wine Estate and Vineyards in September when the vineyard vines rows were full of small groups picking Merlot Grapes. With Grape Harvest in full swing, this vineyard tour became a very special one.

I had a fantastic winery tasting at Ornellaia and Masseto Winery with some Super Tuscan Wine of the highest quality. I can recommend Ornellaia if you're looking for a Wine Tour Tuscany event. Ornellaia is one of the best vineyards and wineries you can find in Toscana and the Vineyard Tour was professional and interesting.

Vineyard Wine Tasting at Ornellaia and Masseto Winery

The Wine Tour of this Tuscany Winery gave me an appetite for more visits to Vineyards in the future! Wine Travel and Food Travel will be our new thing with Sticks & Spoons!

Ornellaia Masseto Winery outside Bolgheri in Tuscany, Italy

If you want to know more about Super Tuscan Wine and Ornellaia Winery, I have made a long article in the Food Travel section at our site Sticks & Spoons called Super Tuscan Wine at Ornellaia. Check it out and do feel free to share the article with your wine-loving friends!

Enjoy the Tuscan Cuisine

Italian Tuscan Cuisine is synonymous with healthy Mediterranean food! Tuscan Cuisine is known for Mediterranean dishes like charcuterie, cheese, olive oil, seasonal farmers' produce, and grilled braised meat - all essential in a Mediterranean Cuisine and a Mediterranean Diet. If you like Food Travel you will love Tuscany and Tuscan Food!

Farmer's seasonal produce combined with the authentic, earthy local Tuscan Cuisine goes extremely well with their Tuscan Wine too, so prepare for a Tuscan Feast when visiting Toscana.

"Fallen Angel" in Pisa, Tuscany

Take an Italian Historical and Architectural Tour

Tuscany is also considered the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance so you have loads of historical, architectural, and famous top sights to see in Tuscany.

Some of the must-see sights Tuscany has to offer is The Leaning Tower in Pisa, the world-famous Renaissance statue of David, Pitti Palace, Galleria dell'Accademia, Palazzo Vecchio, and much, much more Tuscany sights to see touring this part of Italy.

Tuscany's Best Towns to visit for filling your Historical and Cultural need is Pisa and Florence but you also can find a lot of museums, art galleries, small picturesque villages, iconic architecture, Etruscan sites, and other top sights in Tuscany for sightseeing!

Aerial View of Pisa, Tuscany in Italy

Hope you enjoyed these Travel Tips when traveling planning what to do, what to see and what to eat in Tuscany. When visiting Italy, be sure to include one or all of the top Tuscany travel tips!

Jane and Fredrik Goldhahn are Food Travel Writers blogging on Sticks & Spoons Food Travel; two devoted Foodies and a Travel Couple from Sweden, travel for food. Recently joined by their daughter in their mission to Travel to every new Destination to Explore Food. Visit Sticks & Spoons Profile on Food and Travel Guides and for more visit Sticks & Spoons Food and Travel!



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