Top 6 Destinations to Travel for Fun and Fine Dining

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

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Written back in 2018 for Food and Travel Guides, edited before re-launch in 2020.

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Sticks & Spoons Top 6 Destinations to Travel for Fun and Fine Dining

We love to experience Food while travelling. We usually explore the Culinary World through the gastronomic map we create from restaurant reviews, restaurant platforms, Food Bloggers, Food Vloggers, both non- and Professional Food Guides and mouth-to-mouth-recommendations.

But if you are looking for what's considered as the best of the best and the most rewarded fine dining restaurants around the world there's only two Restaurant Guides out there (in our opinion at Sticks & Spoons); Guide Michelin and The World's 50 Best Restaurants. And those are the two Food Guides you definitely should follow!

We like the later of the two better and have made this true modest Food Guide (in context) for all of you that travel for the fun dining kind of food combined with The World's 50 Best Restaurants Top 10 fine dining recommendation.

This is for you Food Junkies wanting today's World Best Food and Travel Experiences! We think that's a great combination and looking at the result there's only 6 Food Destinations you should focus on in 2018 when counting countries.

MODENA in Italy | #1 OSTERIA FRANCESCANA | Chef: Massimo Bottura

Who would have known? Modena in Italy; an ancient little town on the south-side of Po is in the Top Position! Maybe most famous for their red Ferrari cars designed and developed by motor genius Enzo Ferrari but also for being the birth place of world famous tenor Luciano Pavarotti and now...the Chef on everyone's tounge; Chef Massimo Bottura!

Born and raised in Modena Chef Bottura started as an apprentice to Chef Georges Coigny but soon had a chance to work with Chef Alain Ducasse at Le Louis XV in Monte Carlo followed by a short period at Trattoria del Compazzo.

In 1995 he opened Osteria Francescana with the concept "juxtapose culinary tradition and innovation with contemporary art and design".

But it was when he did a summer season under brilliant, iconic and progressive Chef Ferran Adrià at infamous El Bulli that Chef Massimo blossomed to become truly innovative, pushing his culinary boundaries and re-defining his way of cooking - encouraged by Chef Adrià.

In 2012, just shortly after Osteria Francescana was rewarded their well deserved third Michelin star, Chef Massimo decided to close the restaurant during the summer for refurbishment and then opened with a significant updated insight into Chef Bottura's two biggest passions - contemporary art and avant garde cuisine and a new icon was born.

The World's 50 Best Restaurants listed Osteria Francescana in the Top 5 as early as 2010 but it was with a 2nd place in 2015 a yo-yo time started! In 2016 Osteria Francescana was in 1st place just to be followed by a 2nd place in 2017...and but back again with a 1st place in 2018!

Chef Massimo Bottura is a super creative mind and have among several projects written five cookbooks, Aceto Balsamico (2005), Parmigiano Reggiano (2006), PRO. Attraverso tradizione e innovazione (2006), Never Trust a Skinny Italian Chef (2014) and Bread is Gold (2017).