10 Reasons to Travel by Motorhome!

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Ok, I’ll level with you. When we first discussed whether we should travel Europe by motorhome, I wasn’t convinced. Silly really, looking back now, but I just couldn’t understand WHY we would bother driving to places when we could fly. I couldn’t grasp how much more enjoyable a journey can be if you take your time over it and include it as part of your holiday, rather than just a means to an end. It was only after we bought our first motorhome that I finally got IT!

Guest Blogger: Kat Bird, Wandering Bird

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Since buying that van just over 12 months ago, we have visited 11 countries around Europe and driven over 17,000 miles. The experiences we’ve had and places we’ve seen have been life-changing. Seriously- I handed in my notice and quit my career in order to travel the world more. By motorhome.

Let me give you 10 reasons why travelling by motorhome is the best decision we’ve ever made.

On the Road


A 2 week trip with flights, accommodation, car hire and eating out soon adds up! It amazes us how much money we can save doing the exact save trip in a campervan.

Sometimes it can be as much as 50% cheaper! If that’s not a reason to buy a motorhome right now, ( http://wandering-bird.com/reasons-to-buy-motorhome/ )I don’t know what is!


We’ve all done it- the ‘holiday’ away together where you barely spend any time with your family/ loved ones! It’s easy to do and if that’s your preference then fine, but one of the reasons we love travelling by Motorhome is that it gives us more time together. We don’t watch TV- instead we play games, chat, watch the stars spin overhead and tell stories around the campfire. Honestly, those moments and memories are priceless.


This is a major plus to motorhome life for me! I love being able to bring a selection of clothes- and have the space to store them all! (Don’t judge- my husband has some room for his stuff too… kinda…) But not having to pack up every 2/3 days, check under the bed  and in every drawer and then unpack at the next place is just so nice. After all, holidays are supposed to be easy!


I admit, if you don’t stay at hostels then this might not mean much to you, but having your own entire bathroom with you when you travel is AMAZING! Especially when you travel places like Europe and the public toilets are often….basic, at best. It’s great being able to use your own and know it’s clean! The same goes with having your own kitchen. You can eat how and when you like. We travel Europe in a motorhome regularly and the Europeans are very strict about their restaurant hours. Lunch is at lunchtime (normally 12-2pm) and then you can’t get any food until dinnertime, which can start as last as 8pm! Given that we prefer to have a late breakfast, and then an early dinner, it’s great being able to prepare our own foods without worrying. We also eat a lot healthier (come on- who turns down chips or dessert in a restaurant when they’re on holiday?!?!?)

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