5 Reasons to Visit the Old City of Jerusalem

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Walled inside Jerusalem lies the heart to the three great monotheistic faiths of Christianity, Islam and Judaism. Here, worshippers have celebrated the foundations of their faith for 3,000 years in the sacred Old City which is home to some of the oldest examples of religious architecture.

Guest Blogger: Jasmine Jenkins, Make You Wander

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Whether you are religious or simply curious, The Old City of Jerusalem is considered  the holiest place on Earth and is guaranteed to intrigue

The Walled City

The walled city is free to enter and can be accessed by any 1 of the 11 gates. The most common access point being the Jaffa Gate due to its convenience to and from Jerusalem city centre. The Old City is divided into subsections referred to as the Jewish, Muslim, Christian and Armenian Quarters. A fifth section used to exist, the Moroccan Quarter, however, this was destroyed in 1967  to create space for what is now the Western Wall plaza