10 tips for better Food Travel Aesthetic Photography

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

When it comes to traveling, one of the most delightful things to enjoy in a place that isn’t home has to be the food. At least for me, that’s one of the best parts of any trip, experiencing the culture via your taste buds. Anyone else that is a self-proclaimed travel addict will argue that food is essential to the travel experience. Eating captivates all your senses. Foremost of all is our sense of seeing that triggers our appetites.

Author and Food Travel Writer: Yone Liau, Flavour Journey

Taking an aesthetic Food Photo with your mobile? This guide will help you with photo tips and photo hacks for taking beautiful photos of Food!

It’s no surprise that hashtags such as #cameraeatsfirst are popular. After all, we seldom will find people that don’t take a quick snap of their meal before really chowing down right? Yet, it can also be frustrating when you snap your plate and feel dismayed when it doesn’t capture what you are seeing. The phone camera and actual cameras are tools for you to master.

Guide to Aesthetic Photography

Fret no more! Here are some tips for better food travel aesthetic photography. Some that I've picked up from my travels and others from food photography itself. Hopefully, these can help you up-level your food capture game.

Aesthetic Photo Guide. Find the best Photo Tips here to take your photography to the next level. Learn how to take impressive food photos, food images and food travel aesthetic captures while discovering new food destinations.

1: Where’s the best light seat?

At restaurants or cafes, I always try to scout a seat by a window or where natural light works best. Food always looks most flattering with natural light, the idea is to highlight the meal and the area you are in. Same thing if you are shooting outdoors at a market, look for that soft light instead of harsh light.

A Photo Set Up is always better with natural light. Discover more tips, trix and hacks to improve your photography skills in our Guide to Aesthetic Food Travel Photography.

2: Understand your light

Ever had your own shadow got in the way of your photo? Easy solve, move around! Change your position and see how the light will react, tilt to an angle even. Just like doing crazy yoga-esque positions for outdoor photos, and the same goes for food. As in the case where you are sitting by the window, but standing between the window and your food... You will be casting a big shadow over it.

3: Please - Avoid flash photography!

I’m not going to rant about this but think about would you take a selfie of yourself on your epic trip with the flash on? No, because you wouldn’t look flattering right? Then why would you do it for your meal? It creates hard shadows and it makes the food appear static.

It's not always about your Photo Gear! Learn how to take more Aesthetic Photos in our Guide with 10 easy to follow tips that will improve your photography game.

4: Learn your manual settings If you aren’t shooting with a phone and have a camera, get out of the comfort zone known as an Auto mode. If you want to figure out how to get out of Auto, try learning more about the exposure triangle. Your ISO, shutter speed, and aperture will be your best friends to help you craft the image you see in your mind.