7 Destinations to Travel in Vietnam

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

In 2016, I quitted my job and joined my friends on a trip traveling from the North to the Central of Vietnam through 7 destinations. That 14-day journey was one of the best trips ever in my life. And here is the schedule of my 7 Destinations on my travels from North to Central Vietnam in 14 days!

Author and Food Travel Writer: Khoi Ngyen, The Broad Life

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Day 1–3 Riding Motorbike on Ha Giang’s Hills

If you ever know or hear that Vietnam is a country with a lot of motorbikes, it’s absolutely true. And in any trip traveling around Vietnam, riding a motorbike is the most enjoyable thing. Especially when you do that activity on Ha Giang, the land with mountains, hills, and the Northernmost point of the country.