​What's for Breakfast in Taiwan?

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

If breakfast isn’t your favourite meal or not that important to start your day, Taiwan might make you revisit that and turn this morning meal into the fuel for you to get exploring around this island.

Author and Food Travel Writer: Yone Liau, Flavour Journey

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Taiwanese people will be very proud to say that their cuisine is one of the best and my memories of when I used to travel here to visit relatives or Chinese New Year somehow involved me gaining weight. Queue then my Asian parents questioning my weight and exercise choices. Nonetheless, I didn’t and still don’t regret any bite of what I get to eat now here in Taiwan. I’ve also learnt that the key is to reserve the carb loading (at least for my metabolism) for the mornings.

For the true old-school Taiwanese, a morning breakfast might be a bowl of braised rice also known as 肉燥飯. But for others, like me were born abroad and only certain dishes were available because grandma or any other relative, know a friend you might recognize the good old combo of soy milk and egg pancake.