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Urge to XPLORE

Meet Urge to XPLORE; a Canadian Travel Couple travelling the World Together

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Sukanta Goswami and Sangeeta Narayanaswamy

Quito, Ecuador

Sukanta Goswami and Sangeeta Narayanaswamy aka Suk & Sangy are a traveling couple with a nomadic soul living in Toronto, Canada.

Traveling the world together for the better part of the last 15 years, they have been to over 20 countries across 5 continents. The desire to see new places, meet people, experience new cultures and savoring different cuisines fuels their urge  to explore. From trip planning to building itineraries, their passion for travel led them to launch their own travel blog; Urge to XPLORE, to share Ideas, Insights & Inspirations.   

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Travel Guide to Budapest - a must-see City in Eastern Europe

Follow Canadian Travel Couple Urge to XPLORE to the Capital in Hungary; Budapest, in this Travel Guide to one of Eastern Europe's most fascinating cities.

Buda & Pest carries itself with effortless charm on every beautiful street corner. Classic good looks with its flamboyant architecture steeped in dramatic history and culture makes Budapest a must-see city in Eastern Europe.

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"Fisherman’s Bastion of Buda is full of charm with its narrow alleys, cobblestone streets, castles, museums, great cafes, and shops"

Urge to XPLORE

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Istanbul in Turkey is one of our want-to-go destinations. This History and Cultural City Guide of Istanbul is also a must-read!


Yes, the Team have a soft spot for Canada. Maybe because it reminds a bit of home but mostly because it's an awesome destination!


A destination we would love to experience. Reading this Guide didn't make the urge to explore Cape Town less.

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