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The Ever-changing Travel Life with a Globetrotter from London, UK

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Pearce from Xcapia

Transiting the Panama Canal

Capri: Isle of Fame

Xcapia is a Travel Website created by Pearce Gunne-Jones and designed to give you an insight into Global Destinations - both familiar and new ones!

Pearce is a London-based Globetrotter and Travel Writer but grew up in the Caribbean where he experienced both hurricanes, earthquakes and even volcanic eruptions! Talk about an exciting childhood! 

He have travelled extensively ever since, and founded Xcapia to show how well-travelled destinations still can be experienced with new eyes as they are ever-changing!

Xcapia on Food and Travel Guides

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Journey to Petra in Jordan

Destination Petra in Jordan is one of the most well-travelled historical sights for devoted Gobetrotters and Wanderlusters alike! Follow Xcapia to Petra!

Explore the dramatically jagged mountains, surrounding the former imperial capital of Nizwa; a natural stop on the journey to Jebel Akhdar from Muscat in Oman.

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For any visitor to the Lake, (known as Lac Leman to the locals), it is not hard to see why. Vineyard clad hillsides gently descend to the crystal clear, deep blue waters of the lake, with the snow-capped Alpine peaks providing the most dramatic of backdrops.

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"Tourists jostle for the best selfie angle, trying to crop out as many of their fellow tourists as possible in the process. Amongst the hustle of activity, camels sit idly in the center, often shrouded in Bedouin rugs. They look around unimpressed, for naturally they have seen this all before"


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