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Often Out Of Office

Travel Couple and Globetrotters combining a Career with Travel from Vilnius, Lithuania


Barbora and Karolis from Often Out Of Office


Bali Series: Guide to Jimbaran Beach


How to spend your 24 hours in Riga

Being a travel couple, and when asked about the reason on why they started to run their Travel Blog - Barbora and Karolis explained they wanted to share their travel experiences first hand with family and their friends!

And like many other starting blogging about travels it quickly grew including their friends, and friends' friends and finally the rest of the World.

For that we are grateful. Often Out of Office is a Travel Blog about couple travelling, and a main purpose to show the reader that you don't have to leave job and career to be able to travel often - and be "often out of office" (clever name we must admit!)!

Often Out Of Office on Food and Travel Guides

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Top 3 Icelandic Adventure Travel Tips

Follow Often Out of Office to Iceland! They will give you their best 3 recommendations when planning your first Iceland Adventure! Get Travel Tips from the travel couple from Lithuania.

Often Out Of Office Profile Page. Follow Often Out Of Office here.

"Iceland being the spectacular destination that it is and offering so much to do in terms of different landscapes - I mean mountains, glaciers, lakes, craters, waterfall, hotsprings...You name it!"

Often Out Of Office

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Food Travels is what we live for. So naturally we were curious about what Often Out of Office thought about the Singapore Food Scene and here's what they found out.


Amsterdam is a favourite destination! Find out where to stay, what to do and what to eat in this Weekend Guide from Often Out of Office.



Planning a Bachelorette? Well, Barcelona could be the place! And even if not this Barcelona could go on any Barcelona Itinerary.

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