48 Obese Hours in New York City

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

New York is a city I have been fortunate enough to come back to time and time again over the years. There are spots I refuse to leave without returning to, and every single trip, I also discover new dining options that reawaken my love for the metropolis. This time, I had just a little over 48 hours to get as much eating done as possible. Thankfully, my partner in devouring was my friend Joana, who is one of the few people in this world with an appetite as ginormous as mine. 

Below is all the good grub we got our hands on!

Guest Blogger: Khamilah Khelili, Eat Your Calories

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The Magnolia Banana Pudding

#1 Magnolia Bakery

I started going to Magnolia for the same reason every other woman on this planet did: Sex and the City.