Cape Town, South Africa - City of the Two Oceans and the Magnificent Mountains.

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

With the iconic Table Mountain at its heart and the two oceans at its feet, Cape Town is located at the tip of the African Continent. It is South Africa’s legislative capital and one of most beautiful places on earth with an amalgamation of cultures, cuisine, and landscapes.

Author and Travel Writer: Suk & Sangy, Urge to XPLORE

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A small group of endangered penguins in South Africa, Cape Town. Boulders Beach is found just beyond Simon’s Town and is the home to a colony of African Penguins.

Cape Town is located at the south western tip of the African continent and it is South Africa’s legislative capital. Not just its rugged landscape and the iconic natural landmarks – Table Mountain, Signal Hill and the Twelve Apostles, Cape town’s beauty also lies in its timelessly beautiful beaches, vineyards and the unique flora and fauna dotting its coastlines. Often called the “Mother City”, its complex colonial history has created an a truly magnificent diversity. Famed for centuries as the Tavern of the Seas, Cape Town today is a cosmopolitan and vibrant city in a beautiful setting – part of it in the slopes of the Table Mountain and other parts lie in the flats below stretching southwards