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Food that you absolutely must try in San Francisco, California

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Northern California in general and San Francisco in particular is a foodie’s paradise. There are so many good restaurants here and lots of great food to try.

But if you are visiting just for a short while you cannot possibly try everything. So what are those must-try foods in San Francisco that you cannot miss? Below are my favorite three. I chose them because they originate in San Francisco and they are a local staple.

Guest Blogger: Tatiana Sorokina, Family Roadtrip Guru


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Seafood Lovers Paradise: San Francisco, California!

#1 Seafood in general and Dungeness crab in particular

Dungeness crab lives in the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean close to the California coast. Crabbing season in San Francisco is roughly between November and June.

There are many dishes you can try that are made with the Dungeness crab such as soups, salads, sandwiches and of course, the best one of all is the crab itself, boiled with special seasoning and served whole. There are many restaurants in San Francisco that specialize in local California seafood including Dungeness crab. Restaurants at and around Fisherman’s Wharf are usually a safe bet.

Sour Dough in all shapes and forms at Boudin Bakery, San Francisco

#2 Sourdough Bread at Boudin Bakery

Soughdough bread is very popular in San Francisco. Boudin Bakery was established in San Francisco in 1849 and they claim they serve the Original San Francisco Sourdough.

Over the years Boudin Bakery has expanded its menu. Now you can try various baked goods, sandwiches made with their bread, and my favorite San Francisco staple – clam chowder soup in a sourdough bread bowl. There is a museum inside the original bakery building on Jefferson Street and you can take a tour of the bakery to see how the bread is made.

Chocoholic Must-Visit when in San Francisco, California: Ghirardelli Chocolate!

#3 Ghirardelli Chocolate

Ghirardelli Chocolate is famous all over the world and it comes from San Francisco. The company was established in the City in 1852. Currently, you can visit their chocolate and ice cream shop at Ghirardelli’s Square and taste the yummy goodness yourself.

Their hot chocolate is great too. Ghirardelli Square is magnificent during the holiday season with a huge Christmas tree right in the center of it. All three places mentioned above, Fisherman’s Wharf, Boudin Bakery, and Ghirardelli Chocolate store are located in close proximity to each other. So you can easily get from one to the other if you walk on Embarcadero and then Jefferson Street ending your food tour with dessert at Ghirardelli Square off Beach Street.

Discover San Fransisco Attractions (Affiliate Link from CJ)

This area of San Francisco is the heart of the city and lots of its best tourist attractions are located in the vicinity so while you are doing your food tour you can also check out the Exploratorium museum, seals at Pier 39, beautiful San Francisco Bay views and much more.

Guest Blogger Tatiana Sorokina travels blog on Family Roadtrip Guru. Her goal is to help families travel more by sharing her ready-to-go itineraries for the family that wants to experience vacations and travels that are educational, fun, and affordable! Visit Family Roadtrip Guru and follow her on Instagram.



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