Get inspired for Eco-travel with these Epic Walkable Cities

If you’re trying to be a more informed traveler, you probably have heard of eco or sustainable travel. However, the secret to being a more conscientious and sustainable tourist isn’t an easy, “one-size fits all” solution. There is a lot of varying information floating around the internet about ecotourism. This could lead the average traveler to get discouraged about their options. Maybe you’re wondering how you can truly make a difference without breaking the bank on a ritzy “Eco Resort”? As a full-time traveler, budget tourist, and sustainability expert I feel you. Even though I have a degree in Sustainability and minored in Tourism Studies, I know just how overwhelming this amalgamation of information can be.

That’s why I’m going to lay an easy solution right at your feet. Literally!

I love the idea of Walkable Cities as a tourism destination for environmentally-minded tourists from all walks of life (see what I did there?).

Guest Blogger: Brittany Merriman, Bon Voyage Brittany

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Why Choose a Walkable City? Pick a Reason!

In terms of Urban Planning, cities that are easily walkable have a myriad of benefits. Walkable cities encourage residents to live healthier, more active lives. This understandably leads to happier citizens who tend to be longer-lived. Pretty obviously, a city is defined as “walkable” if it encourages residents to walk or ride bikes rather than drive to their destinations. How an urban planning department can achieve this might not be as obvious.

One way cities achieve this is by planting trees and creating more green spaces (think: parks). Studies have shown that even looking at trees can improve our mental and physical health. That means that Walkable Cities are naturally places tourists (and residents!) will find