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Apple Picking Tour at Oak Glen in California

Updated: 3 days ago

Recently, my family and I took a day trip to Riley’s Apple Farm in Oak Glen, California to go apple picking! Needless to say, it was hardly September, and Autumn tends to hit Southern California a tad bit late; it wasn’t exactly the perfect weather for apple picking, but luckily it wasn’t too hot. If you’re planning on visiting Oak Glen, I suggest waiting until Autumn fully sets in to experience the pumpkin picking as well! The scenery will definitely be a lot more Autumnal and perfect for pictures.

Guest Blogger: Pauline Vartany, Giraffe View Blog

The Riley Apple Farm in Southern California

We had around a two hour drive to get to the farm and we got there around 10 am. It was somewhat empty around this time as it got more crowded later in the day. The first thing we did after arriving was... eat!

Of course we had to try some apple pie (and the cinnamon roll didn’t look too bad either), and we just devoured all this food in a little bakery with the cutest decorations.

Apple Picking at Riley's Apple Farm

After we enjoyed these pastries, we headed over to the apple picking! We all just grabbed a bag and started gathering. The field was filled with endless trees, and the view was breathtaking. We took a million and one pictures - I usually prefer to be behind the camera, so luckily my sister agreed to let me take photos of her!

Apple Picking at Riley's Apple Farm in Oak Glen, Southern California

Tasty, delicious Apples as fresh as it gets!

Rows of Apple Trees are surrounded by a beautiful scenic landscape and amazing nature

Berry Picking at Ripley Apple Farm

After apples, we went straight to grab some strawberries and raspberries. There were definitely less berries than apples, and they were a little harder to find because they were so small and surrounded by bees! 

Strawberries in the California Sun

We paid for the apples and berries then headed to the nature trails to walk around and explore all the plants and scenery! There were also a lot of activities, like horseback riding and a petting zoo, that were perfect for kids. The nature trail was very relaxing and peaceful, and the flowers were so vibrant and beautiful.

Taking a walk on the Nature Trail at Riley's Apple Farm!

My sister got apple cider – of course a stable at an apple farm. It tasted super sweet, and there was even an area set up where you can make your own cider.

The whole ranch was filled with activities that catered to anyone’s interests. Apple picking stole the show for us, but there were so many fun aspects of the ranch that I’m glad we got to try out! If you’re planning on taking an apple picking trip in SoCal, I definitely recommend visiting Oak Glen. 

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Guest Blogger Pauline Vartany from USA is a fulltime student that love to write about her experiences from all around the world, hopefully inspiring her readers to see the world with a giraffe’s view. Visit Giraffe View Blog and Pauline's Instagram.




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