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Trips you can do from Los Angeles and SoCal, USA during a Pandemic

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Originally posted in the Staycation Collab post; this Guide is perfectly working as an inspiration to get to know your neighborhood and backyard better. Here are some Day Trip Tips you can make from Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, and Southern California.

Guest Blogger: Kailey Portsmouth, USA

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I’ve never been more grateful to live in Southern California than I have this year. I work a steady 9-5 job with little vacation time each year, so I’ve always taken advantage of drivable weekend destinations near me. However, before this year, I spent much of my time focusing on flying out of town for the weekend or saving up vacation days for an out-of-country vacation. I was always daydreaming of getting away.

Day Trips Tips in Southern California

But this year, with Stay at Home orders in effect, I’ve gained a greater understanding and appreciation for the area in which I live. I mean, I’m within a 40-minute drive to several beautiful beaches! Who would want to leave that?! I’m also about three hours from some of the most iconic desert parks in the States, Death Valley, and Joshua Tree. Santa Barbara is just an hour and a half north, and downtown LA is a stone's throw away. You’re never lacking for choice in SoCal.

My husband and I bought our first townhouse and moved literally 2 weeks before Stay at Home orders were issued in California. Our move took us 20 miles north, outside the San Fernando Valley, into the Santa Clarita Valley. Before COVID-19 hit, we had weekend getaways or big activities planned for 9 of the first 13 weeks at our new place. There is absolutely no way my husband and I would have explored our new area like we’ve been able to under normal circumstances.

We’ve taken drives through the canyons surrounding our valley. We’ve biked in town and on local bike paths. We’ve picnicked at several local parks. We’ve hiked on open trails. We’ve even gotten to check out and support our local restaurants by ordering take-out. Some of my favorite memories from this year are early morning drives to see the sunrise around the Santa Clarita Valley and at our closest beach in Ventura.

Initially, I was quite disappointed to cancel our travel plans for the year. Now, however, I honestly feel grateful for the reprieve, although certainly not for the reason it came about. My husband and I have been able to settle into our new home, spend time getting to know our new area, and also take a step back and reflect on past travels and the reasons we love to travel.

One of the major reasons I love to travel is to see and experience new things, often with new people. But during the pandemic, I’ve come to realize how much I have yet to explore my own area. Greater Los Angeles is massive. Although I’ve been very lucky to get a chance to do a lot of things here, there is still so much more to see, do, and learn. I know many people plan their big vacations to come to Southern California, and here I am, planning my trips elsewhere.

Most importantly, my husband, my cats, and I are healthy and safe. That’s the greatest blessing of all, and something this year has taught us not to take for granted. As things open back up, I want to ensure that I continue to seek out experiences and new locations right in my own neighborhood. Not only does it foster a greater love and respect for where you live, but it also brings you closer to neighbors, friends, and your community.

Guest Blogger Kailey Portsmouth from the USA is a CA-based photographer with a passion for adventure and travel. She's also a frequent Travel Blogger at her self-named site under "Valley Girl Travel Guide Blog". Visit her site Kailey Portsmouth and follow her on Instagram! Also, be sure to check out our Staycation Collab Blog Post for more.

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