The Ultimate Guide to Successful Food and Travel Writing

Updated: Sep 10

With our new and improved Guide to Successful Food and Travel Writing you can improve your results fast and find helpful tips on how to start writing better content on your site and blog. Just follow our Step-by-Step Guide. As Quality Content still is the key to rank higher and gain more visitors, it's so much more in the journey of becoming a successful Food Writer or Travel Writer.

So let’s get right to the Guide!

Author: Team at Food and Travel Guides

In this guide we will give useful tips on how to easy improve your food and travel writing fast with some crazy good results for your Food and Travel Blogs visibility!

At least this guide is what we think is essential to become a successful Food and Travel Writer in our humble opinion and layman position. We are no SEO-gurus but have learned some techniques that will help you improve your appearance and write better content.

Follow these guiding tips and you might be able to make a living on your Food and Travel writing in the end. Lets start right now!

Table of Content

Step one: How to reach new readers quickly 
· Improve your overall content
· Learn about your SEO appearance
· Collaborations and Guest Blog Posts

Step two: Writing about Food and Travel with focus
· Writing Strategy – finding subjects easy as 1-2-3 for the perfect Food and Travel post 
· Get noticed by Publishers and Brands
· Your Digital Strategy

Step three: Write - Publish - Analyze - Repeat
· Useful Links for a Food and Travel Writer

Improve your overall content

Ok, the first rule when being a Food Writer or Travel Writer is to write quality content but What is Quality Content? How do you write a quality content Blog Post?

Our best tips on how to make your quality content stand out is to be true to the subject and don’t deceive the reader! Don’t write for Search Engines – write for readers (well, try to do that but in the most natural way possible)! Write persuasive content but still captivating, passionate and with your unique style of writing.

Even if you already are a creative Food Writer or Travel Writer today there’s always one simple way to improve your content on your Food and Travel Blog dramatically.

Just compare your first food and travel blog post with your latest one to see what we mean. We did…and came up with this blog post!

Don’t be afraid to blow new life into older Blog Posts! This strategy is proven to make some huge numbers when it comes to reads and new unique visitors but what it does further more is improving the overall content of your site.

You should definitely renew and update, make sure that your language and writing are up to date through all your site.

Furthermore; link blog posts together to make visitors stay longer; decreasing the bounce rates when someone is leaving your site.

Do you have dusty, old blog posts not really doing the job to fill your site with quality content?

It’s also proven to make better results in content when you Get rid of the zombie pages!

To constantly optimize your content to be interesting and post topics that are up to date is crucial and if something is just filling space without any meaning - delete it.

Immortal posts? Yes, they exist. You should have some that isn’t time-depending but if you wrote this post for seven years ago? One minor change in your Blog settings can make wonders!

The tip here is to update your blog tool settings to show ”Last updated…” instead of ”Published on…”! That way a visitor who see your "old posts" think it's new information and are more likely to read the post - which also Google do!

And last but not least; if English is your second language be sure to install Grammarly!

It's very helpful to get things right from the start. It's easy to install and will help you automatically when something goes wrong with spelling or grammar!

What Grammarly actually does is taking your eyes from the screen when you're in a flow writing! The spellcheck you make before posting a blog post, article or whatever you write is made so easy with this extension. And how awesome is that?

Learn about your SEO appearance

First question then; What is SEO? And what has it to to do with your dreams of Writing for a Food and Travel Magazine? Basically Everything! Let us explain.

Before even thinking of approaching the major Food and Travel Magazines you have to make yourself a name as a writer, becoming an influencer and increase your followers and readers.

Then without doubt the most important thing to work on is your sites SEO appearance. On-Page SEO is probably one of the most important SEO-lessons you have to learn.

Because that's how you will appear in your positions on Search Engines. And if you're not attractive - it will not drive traffic to your blog - so learn and do it right.

There’s a huge amount of sites offering SEO tips on your visibility and appearance on Search Engines but we would like to just give you one tip and that is to check out Brian Dean and his site Backlinko!

SEO is like mumbo jumbo to most of us but what Brian does is explaining advanced SEO-strategies in the most easy way with quick and easy to follow Strategies and Step-by-Step Methods to increase your appearance on Search Engines organic search results.

Our best tip; read everything in the Backlinko Blog and listen to Brian’s SEO-advice on Backlinko's YouTube Channel and you’ll learn tons of helpful SEO Strategies!

One of the toughest things for a creative writer is to find Content Ideas for new posts. Brian have some great tecniques to find new topics, twists and angles to new, fantastic content:

Last but not least important; use some Free Tools to Improve SEO on your site!

And then maybe Neil Patel can help you? He have tons of tips on how to improve your visibility, find the right keywords to use and helping you succeed in gaining more traffic to your site and blog. His own SEO-tools like Ûbersuggest is the proof he knows what he talks about!

Just Check out this little SEO-Goodie Check List of PDF's from Neil Patel on writing SEO friendly content and take a step closer to your first No 1 rank on Google:

Pretty awesome stuff - and it's free SEO-tips you can start using right away.

If you use Chrome you should install an extension like Woorank’s SEO & Website Analysiss Tool which actually give you tips on how to make adjustments to improve your SEO ranking directly in the webbrowser bar or SEO Quake for a lot of useful SEO information about your sites performance!

Collaborations and Guest Blog Posts

Collaborations between Blogs with the same niche like yours is a brilliant way to increase traffic to your site.

You should try to make friends with high quality Food Blogs and Travel Blogs that are in the same niche of blogging like you.

You can find sites like Food and Travel Guides that gather Food and/ or Travel Blogs for promotion, exposure, co-work, guest blogging opportunities, mentoring, active forum, possibility to post own blog posts etc and this kind of collaboration with building links and consistency of high quality content is an awesome way to make Google and other Search Engines rank all the included sites higher.

And by any means; this attract visitors - who will find your blog link and increase your traffic and page rank. Because one SEO technique that is hot again when growing traffic is Link Building!

Yes, you probably have read that Google hate Link Building! But this is no secret; Googles Algorithm and business model is based upon links and showing the quality content these links provide for you as a user. So you might reconsider the importance or just what we refer to when we write Link Building.

You can use "Food and Travel Guides Web Buzz Strategy" which basically is Link Building and means you are more likely to be found and seen when you’re linked together with other quality bloggers that blog about your topics Food and Travel then completely by your own.

”The Web Buzz with Quality Content we can build Together can't be ignored - even by a Spider!” (Founder of Food and Travel Guides)

And combined with your own Digital Blog Strategy and co-work with other Food Bloggers and Travel Bloggers this can rocket launch your rank appearance in organic search results!

"Together is a Keyword you should keep in mind when building your appearance on Internet" (Founder of Food and Travel Guides...again)

We are convinced that long term connections between sites with the same niche is something that must have to be a part of the Google Algorithm.

How to do Guest Blog Posts

Writing Guest Blog Posts is a great thing for your visibility on the web and also a way to practice your writing skills!

Many of the Top Blogs that accept Guest Blog Posts are of course about SEO, SEO analysis, SEO tips and likely topics on web marketing, business, social media and Technology but you can find a lot of sites offering the opportunity for you to blog about your favorite topics Food and Travel!

To reach out with a question about making a Guest Blog Post can be hard, however; if you decide to make this reach out in two steps starting with a mail with a friendly opening; giving positive feedback on a recent post from the site you approaches for instance, with a question for feedback on an article about a similar post you have written can be the opening you’re looking for.

If getting a reply; make a second stage Follow Up Mail with a direct question about a Guest Blog Post swap collaboration with backlinks for both of you.

What you also can do to increase your chances for a Guest Blog Post collaboration is to be active on Forums, Social Media and Community Platforms (without selling in the idea that you want to make Guest Blog Post at first).

Make some new friends; like, comment and give feedback on their posts, links, sharing of Blog Posts and then make the first contact with a second follow up mail like above.

The chances they will accept a collaboration are most definitely higher if you are friends then if having a Guest Blog Post question as a starter of communication!

Writing Strategy

Finding subjects easy as 1-2-3 for the perfect Food and Travel post

When trying to find a subject for an article one of the best strategies is to know your competitors!

You should subscribe to Food Bloggers and Travel Bloggers you like to get inspiration, ideas and to know what’s hot and what’s not in your context of Food and Travel!

You should of course write about the things you love but when thousands of Food Bloggers have given their thoughts about ”The Best Barbecue Rub Ever” – should you go there with another Barbecue Blog Post? Or do we really need another ”What’s in my Backpack” article?

We think no - and now you will get a tip we have found very useful;

This strategy to find twists and a new angle to a popular subject is totally great! It will actually help you to find new topics and interesting content for amazing Food and Travel Blog Posts in no-time.

"Why invent the wheel all over again when you can make a perfect and beautiful rim?" (a Founder of Food and Travel Guides Quote once again!)

This way you can add a new angle to very popular topics and stand out among the crowd!

Another Writing Strategy is obviously to be unique. And there’s only one You!

Make a list of what you’re good at – be honest. Find the Top Skills you master and think about any subcategory you could write something interesting about - use the Strategy above!

Now use some Title Power Ups and start writing guides!

When you have a bunch of good looking blog posts – bundle them up to make a longer and more interesting article with back links to the original blog posts.

The strategy is perfect when you want to make an article but also for adding new unique quality content on your site.

Also make a search to find writing tips like writing a SEO friendly Blog Post or Tips for writing Travel Articles and then make a checklist you can follow when writing your own articles and blog posts online about Food and Travel.

Get noticed by Publishers and Brands

What’s your purpose with running a Food and Travel Blog?

If you read this far we’re pretty convinced that one of your major goals is to make a business of writing, travelling and eating full-time?

Monetizing on your blog with Affiliate Links is one thing. Affiliate Links is easy to manage and if you’re lucky you will be earning some dough.

Getting Published on the other hand and get paid to write for an online Food and Travel Magazine is real hard.

Getting to a point when a Food or Travel Magazine or Brand contact you and make a proposal to you to come work for them is beyond hard but worth every minute invested when it happens.

When your blog-sphere have grown, you have catch the interest from readers and maybe some Brands as well, you’re getting more subscribers to your newsletter each day and you actually start to be recognized as a Top Food and Travel Blogger; the next step is to get noticed by a Publisher of a Food and Travel Magazine or Food and Travel Site willing to pay for your articles and Blog Posts.

Let the world know you are a Food Travel Writer!

Our first tip is to start with creating a LinkedIn Profile with CV, references and links to your work and then start applying Remote Work Gig or job offers listed on Indeed for instance on Food Writing and Travel Writing.

You will get a lot of refusals but don’t give up! Use your failures as lessons to try harder!

You also should join some Influencers Marketing Resources!

There’s a good chance that Food and Travel Magazines know about these resources and with the great work you’ve done so far on your Blogs appearance you are on your way becoming a Top Influencer more quickly.

However; if wanting it bad to become a full-time food and travel writer you’ll still need a well figured out structure, a focused mindset and a constant drive to always push forward and quiet frankly – that goal isn’t for all to achieve.

Your Digital Blog Strategy

This part should probably be in the top of this blog post! Because it all starts with your dream to write about Food and/ or Travel!

And if you want to be successful you really have to put a lot of time and effort to reach the goal as a full-time food and travel writer. It requires patience, a strong focus and devotion, it takes a plan; a Digital Blog Strategy.

Start with writing your Business Plan which should reveal your purpose with blogging and target your audience as well as showing you how to reach them digitally i.e online.

Here's a very comprehensive Guide to Write a Business Plan like a Pro too.

Make sure to have a Marketing Strategy in your Business Plan because these two plans together form a Digital Blog Strategy.

Have a look at these amazing Internet Marketing Strategies! They are really helpful to get the work done when you want to write a Digital Strategy!

When your Digital Blog Strategy is done remember to make a Time Plan where you can schedule your activity i.e what to post when, how to update your food and travel blog, your plan when to share your posts and where, your social media action list and to improve your

Forums activity on sites like WikiHow, Quora or Food and Travel Forum Platforms like TripAdvisor, Lonely Planet and Fodor’s among many others !

Your Social Media Scheduling Strategy should include when to make posts on Instagram, How to Schedule Posts on Facebook, and when to Post your Pins on Pinterest!

For Instagram and Pinterest Updating we can recommend Tailwind App (You'll get $15 off on the PRO-version when following that link!) Tailwind is actually beyond awesome and will save you a lot of time making automated updates on your favourite Social Media Platforms.

Take these advice above seriously because they will result in more traffic and engagement from your visitors!

And now to the tricky part of any business plan with a clear market and digital strategy; be consistent and stick to the plan!

If you want to be consistent in your updates you’ll need a lot of ready-to-go-post, some well worked out drafts and a bunch of ideas for new food and travel blog posts in the pipeline!

Be sure to be prepared so your scheduling doesn’t suffers from lack of content to post!

And remember that ”stick to the plan” doesn’t mean to follow the Business Plan or Digital Strategy blindly!

If some blog posts don’t work or perform well; analyze and make improvements! A Business Plan as well as any Marketing Strategies are living documents and will need changes and new ideas with time.

Be aware that improving in ranks, increasing number of visitors also consumes time and sometimes a lot of time like in years.

So how do you keep track, measure and make your analyze effective? What’s the secret on how to make the right decisions for a better visibility?

The answer is Analytics! Firstly be sure to install and get to know the almighty Google Analytics, check out and understand how to analyze your Instagram for Businesses Statistics, dive into Facebook Analytics to get more likes and engagement, learn about how to measure and boost your impact with Twitter Analytics and continue to make improvements, updates and blog posts with what you learn on the way!

Be patient. Let time make the works.

There’s no super quick fix to gain success in an instant but the more you know, the more you adjust to what you learn about SEO, the more precise your Digital Blog Strategy is and if you follow your set plan - the quicker you get positive results.

Useful Links for Food and Travel Writers

So are you ready to step up? Are you ready to try to succeed as a full-time Food Writer or Travel Writer?

All your time, blood, sweat and tears to know your game can end in two ways; a fall or a victory and you should be prepared to meet both.

Still firmly believe you can do it? Great! Your journey starts right now!

We found this Amazing List to Online Travel Magazines and it’s probably worth to dive into – both for Travel Inspiration and possible work opportunities!

The list in the above link is long though so lets conclude our The Ultimate Guide to Successful Food and Travel Writing with some of our own Top Choices to the best Food and Travel Magazines, Food and Travel Writer Communities, Job Sites and Useful Blog Posts to check out!

Beside all the fantastic links in this Guide obviously ;)


Travel + Leisure Without doubt the World’s largest Travel Magazine Brand. Expect overwhelming competition!

Food and Travel Magazine One of the leading Food and Travel Magazines with a worldwide coverage.

Matador Creators Community Join the biggest and industry-leading collective for Travel Writers. It’s free to sign up with a lot of opportunities!

Travel Blogging for Beginners Are you new toTravel Blogging? Per from "Resrutt" which means "Itinerary" in english share his helpful and successful tips on his site!

Food Writer Jobs at UpWork One of many Work Sites online you can join!

The Write Life have a great list of 34 Travel Magazines and Travel Websites that Pay Freelance online Travel Writers!

Be a Freelance Writer have a lot of tips on how to get paid jobs and be more successful as a freelance Food Writer or Travel Writer.

Grammarly is an absolute must-have if English is your second language! It will auto -correct your misspelling and also check the grammar for you! How amazing is that?

Eezee Live have a great list of SEO-tips for ranking higher on Search Engines to check out!

Saveur Magazine Still one of the more classy Food Magazines

Pro Blogger list writing jobs for professional bloggers.

Writers Job Board have helpful tips to improve your writing skills as a Freelance Food and Travel writer

National Geographic Writing for National Geographic is...well...the dream job for many!

Do you want your link in the list above? Send us a mail! If you want to include a link to this guide in your own Blog Post; let us know if you do so we can back link to your site.

Feel free to Pin it on Pinterst and share the guide on your Social Media.

Give us feedback in comments and let us know if we can improve or add something to the guide – thanks a lot!

Safe Travels - Stay Awesome and Creative!

Team at Food and Travel Guides

The improved "Guide to Successful Food and Travel Writing" is here! Read the Free Guide to improve your writing and Rank High on Google in our Free Digital Blog Strategy Guide! 

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